Photo: David Andrako

BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! is a world-class festival with outdoor performances in a beautiful setting. You'll have fun while helping in a variety of ways at our music, film, and dance performances. Volunteering contributes to the cultural life of your community, you’ll meet new people and work together to make something incredible happen.

Dedicated volunteers play an integral role in the staging of the festival. The time and assistance you contribute over the course of the summer will make this year's BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival the best yet!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please fill out this form.

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What is expected of me as a volunteer?

BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! is comprised of 25-35 performances during the months June, July, and August. Volunteers will be required to work an approximately four hour shift for each performance. Your commitment to scheduled dates is important. Although there is no minimum, volunteers are encouraged to sign-up for at least 10 performances. The ideal volunteer has strong interpersonal skills and has the ability to work in a team environment, work well in crowds and in inclement weather. Other volunteer experience, especially in a venue, school or other large capacity facility is helpful. Bilingual is a plus.

Are there perks to being a volunteer?

Yes!!! Based on the number of shows you work, you will be rewarded with a wonderful range of incentives:

  • 3 shifts = 1 Reserved Seat to 1 free show (based on availability)
  • 5 shifts = 2 Reserved Seats to 1 free show (based on availability)
  • 8 shifts = 2 Friends Tent Wristbands to 1 free show (based on availability)
  • 12 shifts or more = 2 tickets to a Ticketed Benefit show (based on availability)
  • 22 shifts or more = Free Membership to BRIC House (special perks and discounts TBA)