The 2020 Youth Media Fellows organized and produced the first-ever virtual Concrete Stories Youth Media Festival held on May 28, 2020.  If you're interested in participating in the Youth Media Fellowship, information about the program can be found here



Yotam Rodriguez
Yotam Rodriguez attends Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School as a sophomore. He loves to skate and make skating films with his friends, and believes both bring fun to him and those around him. Filming skateboarding and being filmed skating, has taught Yotam to be patient and to focus, especially when editing videos. He hopes to leave some mark in the things he does with his friends. Yotam hopes to one day have a company with his friends that allows them to express themselves.


Fall 2019 Youth Media Fellow - Ordonez, Cirilo.png

Cirilo Ordonez is a senior at Professional Pathways High School and has two major passions in his life, music and film. Music has been a part of his life since he was very young, which inspired him to create his own for others to enjoy and to share st ories. He enjoys coming up with an idea and bringing it to life through film. Cirilo has created documentaries through his school from 2018 until present. He has been involved in street interviews, editing, and the composition of original music for these documentaries. In the future he hopes to be known for his music and have a career in the music, acting, or film industry.


Fall 2019 Youth Media Fellow - Melgar, Angel.png

Angel Melgar is a senior at the High School of Art and Design. They enjoy thrifting, as they feel that second hand clothes have more of a personality, as well as being outdoors. Angel has created numerous video and graphic art pieces. Their work has been shown throughout the city, including at The Living Gallery. Angel hopes to one day become a graphic designer in a fun work environment, own a motorcycle, and have their work recognized.


Fall 2019 Youth Media Fellow - Toure, Mame.png

Mame Toure is a senior at the High School of Art and Design. Her passions include film, reading, and she loves the idea of putting her imagination onto the screen for others to see and react to. Mame hopes to work full time as an editor for a marketing company and to be an active volunteer for an animal shelter. She also hopes to join a cycling and running group. 


Fall 2019 Youth Media Fellow - Aderibigbe, Jahsenda.png

Jahsenda Nai is a senior at the High School of Art and Design. Her passion is filmmaking and enjoys directing and editing films. She loves how film has the power to evoke different emotions and spread messages. Jahsenda has been involved in numerous film projects throughout her high school career. In 2019, she directed her first documentary about the importance of hair in the POC community. In the future, Jahsenda wants to keep creating and sharing her own films.


Fall 2019 Youth Media Fellow - Tapia, Karen.png

Karen Tapia attends the Digital Art Cinema of Technology High School and is a sophomore. She enjoys cinema, experiencing others’ perspectives and expressions. Recently, Karen worked on a film documenting the day in the life of a teacher, in which, she acted as Assistant Director. Her dreams for the future are to be successful in a career of her liking and to enjoy it to the max.


Fall 2019 Youth Media Fellow - Doyle, Noelle.png

Noelle Doyle is a senior at Dominican Academy. She enjoys filmmaking, watching films with friends, and going to galleries and museums throughout the city. Noelle is currently working on a documentary with a friend of hers about young girls living in the 21st century. Her dream for the future is to live in safer, more inclusive environment that encourages and inspires others to follow their passions.


Fall 2019 Youth Media Fellow - Monegro, Marvin.png

Marvin Mongero is a senior at Brooklyn High School of the Arts. He is passionate about art, the art he creates, and the art others create. Art inspires him, especially the art of illustration and animation. These art forms made him who he is and motivates him to become the person he wants to be, which is an animator. Marvin hopes to become a successful animator, so that he can create animated stories that people of all ages will love and that will last a lifetime.


Fall 2019 Youth Media Fellow - Leito, Bahiyah.png

Bahiyah Leito attends Midwood Highschool and is in Pre-Engineering track. She is passionate about a multitude of things due to her exposure to new experiences. She loves to bake and cook because it involves math as well as creativity. Bahiyah enjoys the performing arts and is currently on her school’s step team Lady Phoenix and Infinite. She also directed a short film about the African American Muslim experience in Brooklyn that was part of #BHeard Amplified.