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The species that survives is the one that’s able to adapt to and to adjust best to the changing environment in which it finds itself, according to Charles Darwin and the Origin of Species. And as the human race grapples with its own termination, we’re transforming, pivoting, finding and inventing new ways to hang on for dear life. Read the full episode transcript here

“And The Leaves Are Good In Salad”
by Charlie Hoxie

“To cherish what remains of the Earth and to foster its renewal is our only legitimate hope of survival,” said American novelist and environmental activist Wendell Berry, and in an effort to reconnect with the land, our producer and foraging enthusiast, Charlie Hoxie, harvests a bounty from deep within Prospect Park.

“This Prisoner In My Room”
by Khyriel Palmer

In this first-person audio narrative, Brooklyn resident Mavis Palmer details her experience contracting the Coronavirus, provides a glimpse into the city’s overwhelmed healthcare system, and offers some insight on how to survive the debilitating disease. 

“A Lifetime of Stuff”
by Sachar Mathias

Near the end of April, in the height of the pandemic, over half of polled adults in the United States reported that worry and stress related to the outbreak was affecting their mental health and wellbeing in various ways. This week, we talk to two Brooklyn locals  – on opposite sides of mental healthcare provision – about how they experienced the last few months, their unique relationships to psychotherapy, and how the COVID crisis has transformed both. 

“Back In The War”
by Shirin Barghi

The Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988) was one of the largest and longest conventional interstate wars in modern history — killing hundreds of thousands, injuring millions on both sides, and costing over a trillion dollars. In this episode, New York-based journalist Solmaz Sharif tells us how a recent trip to Costco brought back memories from her wartime childhood in Tehran.

“No One Is Counting”
by Taylor Cook, Shirin Barghi, and Emily Boghossian

 The potential shortage of ventilators during the coronavirus pandemic is raising difficult questions  about who will be excluded from potentially life saving treatment when there aren’t enough resources to go around. Here in New York, the state hit hardest by the pandemic, disabled people are being left behind in plans for emergency resource allocation

“The Right To Not Get Sick”
by Stefan Christoff for Free City Radio

Free City Radio presents an interview with Mostafa Henaway, a community organizer at the Immigrant Workers Centre in Montréal who speaks on the campaign to support the rights of immigrant workers within the context of the pandemic who are working at Dollarama distribution centres. Free City Radio is hosted by Stefan Christoff and broadcasts weekly on CKUT 90.3fm in Montreal, the accompanying music for this segment is by Sam Shalabi and Stefan.

The Divine Spiritual Wisdom of The Universe”
by Chief Ayana Clarke and Justin Bryant

African American master percussionist, GRAMMY® Award-winning musician, arts educator, and lecturer Chief Ayanda Clarke offers listeners some spiritual vitamins for trying times.

“Weekend Weather with Junior Meteorologist Giff City” was produced by Emily Boghossian, Taylor Cook, and Lauren Germain. Brooklyn USA’s “Messages From Over Here” are produced by Voltron.


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