It Gets Hotter As The Day Goes Along | Issue No. 37

Back in March, we set out to chronicle our community’s experience of New York’s COVID crisis. We heard from emts, transit workers, doctors, day laborers, nursing assistants, scientists, futurists, economists, activists, organizers, protesters, police, lawyers, sex workers, council members, spiritual leaders, librarians, teachers, students, restaurant owners, doomsday preppers, conspiracy theorists, artists, musicians, dancers, producers, friends, family, birds, and regular everyday people throughout Brooklyn and the world, on how this unprecedented turn of events was unfolding around them. We learned a lot about the virus, the city, the government, the nation, and still have so much more to uncover about this mess we’re in and the ones that await us in the fall. And so, we’re taking the next month off to gather ourselves, disinfect our microphones, and find out just how much we don’t know we don’t know about how deeply COVID-19 has infected our city.

But before we say farewell for the season, we’re taking you on one last journey through this moment in time. And as a very special treat, BRIC Radio Junior Meteorologist Griff City has graciously offered to be our tour guide. 

“Twinterview: Parts 1, 2 & 3”
[7:17, 22:26 & 45:49]

Griffin interviews his friends Miriam and Michael about what it’s like to be twins.

“New Baby Interview”

Griffin interviews a new baby (and her parents).

“Healthy Habits with Madeline: Parts 1 &2”
[6:19 & 12:29]

Griffin asks his little sister Maddie about some of the healthy habits she’s learning.

“Spanish Corner with Ms. Ladybug”

Griffin and his teacher, Ms. Ladybug, teach us some words in Spanish.

“Playing Minecraft with Finn”

Griffin plays Minecraft with his friend Finn.

“Interview with a Jeopardy Winner”

Griffin interviews Dr. Rachel Fabi about geocaching, dogs, and how it feels to win Jeopardy.

Science Corner with Charlie”

Griffin asks producer Charlie Hoxie about rocks, plants and outer space.

“Interview with a Pediatric Oncologist”

Griffin interviews Pediatric Oncologist Dr. Amy Caruso-Brown about diversity & inclusion in the medical field, and what it’s like to work with kids.

“Interview with a Babysitter”

Griffin talks to his babysitter, Kelly, graduating high school and leaving for college.

“Voice Memos from Evanston”

Two kids call in from Evanston, Illinois to tell us what they’ve been reading, watching and thinking about.

“Weekend Weather with Griff City”

Jr. Meteorologist Griff City reads us the weekend weather forecast. 

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  • It can be something that you overheard from six feet away, or have been thinking about, worrying about, or a thing that made you smile.
  • It can be a way that you're coping with, processing, and navigating this moment, and what you’re hoping that the next one holds.
  • It can be a movie recommendation, a book you love, a self care tip or breathing technique that you’re finding very useful...
  • or anything else that you want to share with the world!

And if you’d rather just record yourself and send it in, just...

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See you on the other side, in Brooklyn, USA.

Brooklyn, USA
is produced by Sachar Mathias, Emily Boghossian, Shirin Barghi, Charlie Hoxie, Khyriel Palmer, Ross Tuttle, and Mayumi Sato • The song "Door Hoté (from a distance)" was written by Ifti Chowdhury • “Weekend Weather with Junior Meteorologist Griff City” was produced by Emily Boghossian, Taylor Cook and Lauren Germain • Brooklyn, USA’s “Messages From Over Here” are produced by Voltron.