I’ve Never Seen A Rainbow In My Life | Issue No. 38

This week, we’re going back—that is, getting ready—for school. And while there’s still a lot to figure out about exactly how the looks, the wheels on the bus go round and round, all through Brooklyn, USA.

“Learning Pods”
by Shirin Barghi

Back in July, New York governor Chris Cuomo announced that schools in New York can reopen if the city’s infection rate drops below 5 percent. Today, the infection rate is well below 1 percent, but plans to reopen schools are still up in the air. This week, we’re exploring the challenges related to schooling in NYC in the midst of a global pandemic. We talk to experts and learn equity-driven principles to help guide parents through seemingly impossible choices.

“Blended Learning”
by Emily Boghossian 

This week, we're back in the language corner to talk about "blended learning.”

“Going Back To School”
by Khyriel Palmer

Prior to sitting down and having this conversation with his younger siblings and mother, our producer Khyriel Palmer kinda thought of the whole covid- school situation as a get-out-of-jail free card for kids but in the midst of these conversations, he started realizing how much this is really going to affect them and their futures. In this episode, we talk about everything from the academic drawbacks where even in a world so centered around technology,  kids still feel like they are disengaged from learning virtually to the positives of bullied kids being given the opportunity to learn without scrutiny. These conversations illuminated the two sides of a coin in which COVID means socially distancing from outsiders, but often close quarters for families. With the home now functioning as a school and office, the return of in-person schooling offers a reprieve for those willing to take the risk of sending their vulnerable into a pandemic. This brings us to a candid conversation between his family, one of the many who are facing the challenges of this upcoming semester. 


“Griffin’s World” was produced by Emily Boghossian, Taylor Cook, and Lauren Germain. Brooklyn USA’s “Messages From Over Here” are produced by Voltron.

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