I’ve Never Seen The Sun Like That Here | Issue No. 39

New York may have gotten its groove back this summer, but we’ve still got a lot of the year left ahead of us. And while the spiking cases and dropping temperatures may signal the end of the world as we know it, I feel fine.

This week, we thought that we were maybe getting back to normal, but instead, we’re redefining it. Again. And again.

by Fred Brown

Hair salons have reopened in many states, and understandably unkempt clients are scrambling for appointments. Senior Producer Fred (Fouad) Brown tells us what it was like to get a COVID-compatable haircut under the bright Brooklyn sun.

“New York’s Not Dead”
by Emily Boghossian 

We’ve all heard whines and whispers of New York “being dead forever” simmering on the internet. In this episode, Brooklyn Anti-gentrification Network organizer Michael Higgins Jr. reminds us that the media narrative isn't new, and gives us some context 

“NYC Nightlife United”
by Shirin Barghi
[16:36 ]

Back in March, New York City shut down bars, restaurants and nightclubs to curb the coronavirus pandemic, leaving hundreds of thousands of workers and freelancers without income and livelihood. Enter NYC Nightlife United: an emergency relief fund not only for venues but also for the artists, producers, and employees that work at them with a primary focus on supporting BIPOC-owned and led businesses who create safe spaces for BIPOC and the LGBTQIA communities. 

“Jazz Stoop”
by Charlie Hoxie
[30:50 ]

Impromptu outdoor musical performances have become the de facto way to see live music in New York. But could a simple outdoor jam also represent a post-pandemic city where the art scene is controlled by the creators themselves?

“Pandemic Motherhood”
by Shaina Feinberg
[45:29 ]

As the pandemic continues to evolve, many parents are left struggling in uncharted, not to mention challenging, territories of parenthood, as they grapple with establishing new norms in the household. Filmmaker Shaina Feinberg has found this time “exhausting”. In this short doc, she interviews nine NYC-based working moms about parenting during the pandemic and finds that she is not alone.

“Outdoor Dining”
by Ross Tuttle 
[56:02 ]

The pandemic forced many restaurants outside, which was fine during the summer, but with cold weather looming ahead, the future seemed uncertain for many in the hard-hit hospitality industry. Producer Ross Tuttle speaks with a local restaurateur, to see what’s what’s on the menu for fall. 

“Cooking Under Solitude”
by Emily Boghossian 
[65:09 ]

As we all come to terms with home confinement during the covid crisis, our confidence in the kitchen seems to be soaring. Producer Fred Brown joins chef Nadege Fleurimond in her East Flatbush kitchen to talk about cooking and her new cookbook called Taste of Solitude.


“Griffin’s World” was produced by Emily Boghossian, Taylor Cook, and Lauren Germain. Brooklyn USA’s “Messages From Over Here” are produced by Voltron.

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