When You Listen To Them Now | Issue No. 40

Each episode of our show cuts a different slice of life in Brooklyn, telling New York’s story in the voice of the people who live it. While that story’s gone viral in the show’s recent past, this week, we’re charting a new course for the future. First, we go behind the scenes with Extrapolation Factory, as they guide a team of prophetic New Yorkers through designing the city of the future. Next, as hospitalizations and positive case counts rise all over Brooklyn, we revisit sage advice we got in March, on preparing for the worst. Then, we drop in on the Brooklyn Speculative Writers group, for a well-told version of how the future might look -- and along the way, we take a retrofuturistic look at where we thought we’d be by now, and get dispatches from the present on where we may be headed next. When it feels like the entire world could change next month, or next week, or every couple of hours, it gets harder and harder to plan ahead. But we’re doing alright, and our best to make the grade; and since anything’s possible when you’re speaking hypothetically, let’s just assume that the future's so bright, we gotta wear shades.

“Extrapolation Factory”
by Charlie Hoxie

The Extrapolation Factory, founded by Elliott Montgomery & Chris Woebken, uses speculative design to empower people to imagine, and momentarily live in, a possible tomorrow through prototyping hypothetical design objects. In a workshop at the Queens Museum, they helped participants build out sets representing new ways of living, and invited improv actors to lead the group through inhabiting their imagined futures.  

“Brooklyn Speculative Fiction”
by Emily Boghossian 

Speculative Fiction is an inclusive heading for the genres of science fiction, fantasy, horror, and all the sub-genres, cross genres, and non-genres (interfiction) that fall somewhere in that far-flung range. One their show "Kaleidocast," Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers (BSFWriters) lifts up the work of new, local storytellers. This week, they shared a clip from "The Right to Bear Arms" by Zak Zyz.  Zak Zyz is a SF fantasy writer who lives in Brooklyn and fixes things for a living. Zak is the author of many short stories and novels including Survival Mode, Zan & Ink, and  the Master Arcanist. If you liked this story, you can support his work on Patreon or buy his books on Amazon.    Cameron Roberson is the lead organizer for the Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers, guest host & curator for the New York Review of Science Fiction Reading Series, and managing editor of the Kaleidocast.nyc. http://www.rob-cameron.com/    Listen to a full version of "The Right to Bear Arms" here: https://soundcloud.com/kaleidocast/s2ep12-the-right-to-bear-arms-part-1-... Learn more about BSFWriters here: http://www.bsfwriters.com/ Listen to more "Kaleidocast" here: http://www.kaleidocast.nyc/facultystaff.html

by Shirin Barghi
[29:38 ]

Retrofuturism is the past's vision of the future — that is, it's what previous generations imagined the future would look like. The term first reportedly appeared in a jewellery ad by Bloomingdales in 1983, and has now inspired a movement of artists, musicians, designers, filmmakers and even architects to channel the technological aspirations of yesterday.

“Jason Charles, Doomsday Prepper”
by Charlie Hoxie
[38:46 ]

The recent uptick in coronavirus cases and hospitalization rates has reignited fears of a second wave among New Yorkers preparing for another lockdown. But few will undoubtedly be as prepared as Jason Charles, one of the organizers behind the NYC Prepper's Network. We first spoke with Jason when New York City ground to a state-mandated halt back in March, and this week we’re taking a trip down memory lane to see how to prepare for the worst.


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