BRIC Stands With Our Black Community

A Letter From Our President:

In this moment of profound reckoning for our country, I'm stunned by having witnessed so brazenly the ongoing consequences of whiteness being weaponized against Black bodies. I grieve for the Black lives taken from us: George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and many others. I'm also pained by the toll COVID-19 has taken on our country, our city, our borough, and our neighbors. KEEP READING >>

More Than Slam

BRIC Radio is taking you behind the scenes and into the minds of the Brooklyn Slam Team on More Than Slam – a new, four-part miniseries from Brooklyn, USA. In this limited audio series, hosts Mahogany Browne and DJ Jive Poetic engage the slam community in conversation about the past, present and future of an art form.



PART 1: 



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