Community Initiatives

Media Education at the Brooklyn Public Library

Since 2012, BRIC has been Brooklyn Public Library's lead Media Education partner, offering free & low-cost media classes and access to video equipment in multiple locations. This program expands opportunities for learning and media-making directly to communities throughout the borough. Currently, in-person classes are running at Central Library. 

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Intergenerational Community Arts Council (ICAC)

Supported by program partners BRIC and University Settlement, The ICAC is a team of NYCHA residents and neighbors from Fort Greene and Downtown Brooklyn who create values-driven arts programming by, with, and for their communities. 

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Media Share

Since 2013, BRIC has partnered with 65+ organizations to bring media & production skills to Brooklyn-based nonprofits. Through Media Share, an in-kind grant program, selected organizations receive free classes and collaborate with Producing Mentors to create unique video and audio content. Completed work airs on Grantee websites, social media and Brooklyn Free Speech public access channels. In recent years, Media Share projects have received NY Emmy awards, nominations and wins. 

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Community Partnerships

BRIC collaborates with community groups throughout the borough to connect residents and organizations with the resources available at BRIC. Recent projects include: custom workshops, walking tours, school visits, cross-promotions, video documentation of public events, and airing PSA's on Brooklyn Free Speech public access channels. 

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