Brooklyn's Creative Future Needs You!

For over forty years, BRIC has been giving Brooklyn a platform and a gathering place. BRIC’s creative workforce is the lifeblood of our organization and represents a significant segment of Brooklyn’s creative economy. 

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There is something quintessential to BRIC that is evident in our staff--a shared passion for the arts and media and a commitment to the Brooklyn community.







Community Media


Free Speech Services & Operations


  • Julie Sturm
    Associate Director, Partnerships
  • Latoya Johnston
    Partnerships Coordinator
  • BRIC Media Share Producing Mentors
    Yosef Alexander, Jeremy Batchelor, Andrew Filippone Jr., Hannah Jayanti, Sean Mannion, Jennifer Meller, Gisela Sanders-Alcántara, Nicole Solomon


Contemporary Art

Performing Arts

  • Jack Walsh
    Senior Vice President, Performing Arts & Executive Producer, BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival
  • Rachel Chanoff
    Artistic Director, BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival
  • Stephen Arnold
    Production Manager & Technical Director
  • Rebecca Rouse
    Associate Production Manager
  • Marcus Kearns
    Assistant Production Manager
  • Brendon D. Boyd
    Production Management/Design, BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn!
  • B.J. Evans
    Senior Producer, Performing Arts
  • Lia Camille Crockett
    Senior Music Producer
  • Emma Osmundson
    Operations Associate


  • Keith Kaminski
    Director of Education 
  • Linda Mboya
    Senior Manager, Youth Education 
  • Beto Sepúlveda
    Manager, Contemporary Art Education
  • Tyrone Copeland
    Manager, Youth Media Education
  • Teaching Artists
    Alex Faoro Zaller, Anderson Zaca, Annie Malamet, Ava Ulmer, Avani Patel, Brandon Payne, Callen Zimmerman, Claudia Sohrens, Curtis Whitear, Daniela Gomez-Paz, David Sainté, Ezra Wube, Farideh Sakhaeifar, Gabriela Galván-Rojas, Gisela Sanders-Alcantara, Greg Anderson-Elyseé, Haley Shibble, Iris Ward Loughran, Iviva Olenick, Jaimie Warren, Jennie Maydew, Jess Poplawski, Jesse Wakeman, Josh Millis, Julian Klepper, Karl Orozco, Katie Schuessler, Kevin Lawrence, Lindsay Skedgell, Lix Zackeroff, Melanie Fischer, Melinda Keifer, Mollie Roth, Neha Gautam, Nina Macintosh, Norman Franklin, PJ Ryan, Sonia Kim, Yasmeen Abdallah, and Yosef Alexander

Community Engagement




Human Resources & Operations

Marketing & Communications


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