Adrienne Elise Tarver: Eavesdropping


March 1 - March 27, 2016




Project Room at BRIC House
647 Fulton Street
(Enter on Rockwell Place)
Brooklyn, NY 11217
United States
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  • Photo: Abigail B. Clark

  • Photo: Jason Wyche

  • Photo: Jason Wyche

  • Photo: Jason Wyche


Curated by Jenny Gerow, Assistant Curator

Interested in exploring the notions of insider, outsider and the other, artist Adrienne Elise Tarver created an installation that exploited our curiosity of what’s within barriers and questioned what is gained (and at the same time lost) once we’ve looked inside. She did this with both large scale video projections, light box installations, photographs, and hand-drawn wallpaper, exploring the life of a woman from an old photograph she found in a thrift store. Young, black, and female, wearing glasses and facing the camera, Tarver was enticed by this woman's anonymity, and built a story about her, starting with her home and finding the narrative as the pieces came together. 

Project Room exhibitions highlight solo projects by emerging artists whose work encompasses a rich range of themes and media.  

Venue Information:

The Project Room, located adjacent to the Gallery in BRIC House is an added resource for video work, BRIC's emerging curator program, small-scale exhibitions and experimental curatorial projects.