INTER. Act, Reciprocity in Media


January 9 - February 23, 2013


BRIC Rotunda Gallery
33 Clinton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
United States
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Hwayong Jung, Digital Threads

Guest curated by Changhak Choi
2012-13 Lori Ledis Emerging Curator

INTER. Act, Reciprocity in Media, curated by Changhak Choi, as part of the Lori Ledis Emerging Curator Program, will examine the modern reciprocal relationship that can take place between ubiquitous multimedia technology and human emotion in both physical and virtual reality, through the work of interactive media artists.

The work exhibited in INTER. Act by Brooklyn artists Sue G. Syn, and Hwayong Jung offers visitors experimental moments and furthers a discussion over new definitions and potentials of multimedia.

Today, living in a contemporary city entails simultaneously experiencing as well as producing a multiplicity of exchanges of matter, material and immaterial, within various reciprocal systems – social, technical, political, economical. The ubiquity of smartphones and similar cutting-edge personal computing devices, combined with the pervasive use of social media, is accelerating this exchange to an even greater extent. These technologies allow an individual to be active and passive; dominating and dominated. Moreover, power is also no longer centralized; it is dispersed and allocated to the end-user, who can interact anywhere, whether in real or virtual space.

The use of interactive media technology in art creates the perfect reciprocal medium to communicate and comment on everyday life while emphasizing socio-cultural issues. Inter. Act, Reciprocity in Media addresses how art communicates through interaction. New digital technology provokes a repeated experience between the art work, artist, audience, and surrounding space, in reciprocal ways. At the same time, the works featured in Inter. Act remain incomplete and undefined; evolving through continued public engagement and exploring new methods of communication between artist and audience.

Artists Include: Sue G. Syn, Hwayong Jung

Twice annually, BRIC dedicates its Project Room at BRIC Rotunda Gallery to presenting exhibitions developed under the auspices of the Lori Ledis Emerging Curator Program, supporting the realization and vision of two emerging curators who are chosen through a competitive selection. The Program funds thematic group exhibitions of contemporary art focusing on Brooklyn artists.

Opening Reception: January 9, 2012

En Foco: New Works/Crossing Boundaries is also on view concurrent with this exhibition.

Associated Public Programs

Emotional Ubiquity
A lecture on technology and art by Hwayong Jung and Sue G. Syn
Thursday, February 9, 2013, 7-9pm

BRIC Rotunda Gallery

In conjunction with the exhibition INTER. Act, Reciprocity in Media, interactive media artists Hwayong Jung and Sue G. Syn will discuss the use of cutting-edge technology and new media in art not only to promote communication and interaction, but also to emphasize and draw attention to socio-cultural issues through their work. The lecture will explore the importance of ubiquitous technology and social media platforms in contemporary society and the reciprocity they promote, with both artists presenting how they implemented and accomplished public engagement using these devices in their own work. Hwayong Jung will focus on balance and harmony. Sue G. Syn will concentrate on technology, communication and humanity.

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Venue Information:

BRIC Rotunda Gallery is the old contemporary art exhibition space of BRIC.