The Future Historical Society is a community storytelling project created by a multi-generational collective of Fort Greene neighbors, and led by artist Yazmany Arboleda. At businesses, churches, and parks throughout Fort Greene, personal histories of this community come to life through podcasts and visual installations created by FHS members. The stories illuminate histories at risk of erasure in this time of gentrification, while envisioning a more connected, interdependent future.

As of February 2020, you can visit Fort Greene SNAP to participate in HOLD THE PHONE -- a public art installation  where you can pick up a retro, rotary-style phone to listen to community-created podcasts about Fort Greene SNAP and other Fort Greene landmarks , while contributing your own story about the neighborhood.

Fort Greene SNAP
324 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Stay tuned for the next location of the HQ, where you'll be able to pick up a map of significant Fort Greene sites, meet members, and learn more about the groups' creative process. Coming to the Fort Greene Neighborhood in May 2020.

The Future Historical Society premiered at BRIC House April 24 – May 1, 2019 as part of the BRIC OPEN, a festival of arts and ideas.

The Future Historical Society is commissioned by BRIC.

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About Yazmany Arboleda:
Yazmany Arboleda (b. 1981) is a Colombian American artist based in New York City. An architect by training, Yazmany’s practice focuses on creating “Living Sculptures,” people coming together to transform their experience of the world through co-creation. His work is motivated largely by political, cultural, and social constructs. Over the past decade he has created public art projects with communities in India, Japan, Kenya, South Africa, Afghanistan, Spain, Colombia, and the United States.

He lectures at UNC, MIT, and other institutions internationally about the power of art in public space. His work has been written about in the New York Times, Washington Post, UK’s Guardian, and Fast Company. In 2013, he was named one of Good Magazine’s 100 People Making Our World Better.  Yazmany is the co-founder and chief creative officer of limeSHIFT, a creative agency that brings artists into communities (both public and private) to shape and elevate culture.  He is also the associate director of communications for Artists Striving To End Poverty.