BRIC ArtFP is an open request for proposals (RFP) from emerging and established local visual artists to explore and expand the possibilities of their work. With this commissioning program led by BRIC’s Contemporary Art program, artists receive honorariums and production fees for exhibition of their work in the Project Room, Café, or Hallway spaces. This opportunity includes assistance with development time, installation, marketing, an exhibition opening reception, and professional photography.

PLEASE NOTE: The next application period will take place in January 2019. Please check back!


  • An honorarium
  • Production fees
  • Exhibition space in either the Project Room, Café, Hallway, or Garage Doors
  • Technical and installation support
  • Artistic mentoring
  • Printed announcements and promotional support
  • Opening reception


  • We are looking for Brooklyn or New York City-area visual artists who are developing new work that is relevant to diverse Brooklyn audiences.
  • Of particular interest are single-artist proposals to create immersive installations in our Project Room, Hallway, and Café spaces.
  • We seek artists who are excited by the opportunity to share their work with the public in alternative spaces (ie: highly trafficked but not completely white box spaces).
  • Projects will be chosen through a panel review that will take place in April 2018. 




The Project Room is a separate small gallery adjacent to the main gallery at BRIC House. Project Room exhibitions are 6-weeks long and highlight solo/collaborative projects by emerging artists whose work encompasses a rich range of themes and media. A discrete room that can be completely darkened, this space is ideal for projects that include video or new media components.

  • Dimensions: 24 x 12 ft.
  • Honorarium: $600
  • Production Fees covered by BRIC: up to $500
  • Installation Time: 3-4 days with assistance of an art installer for 2 days

Project Room Layout



Hallway Commissions provide space for solo/collaborative projects by emerging visual artists to create wall and ceiling baased installations. 

  • Dimensions: 55 running ft.
  • Honorarium: $250
  • Production Fees covered by BRIC: up to $500
  • Installation Time: 1-2 days with art installer

Hallway Layout 1
Hallway Layout 2



BRIC House features a rotation of large-scale commissioned murals that envelop the café space on the first floor. As a functioning café, the space can only be shut down for 1-2 days for installation. In the past we have either printed or painted directly on vinyl to accommodate the short installation schedule. The production fees cover the cost of printing/painting on vinyl.

  • Dimensions: 32 running ft.
  • Honorarium: $500
  • Installation Time: 1-2 days with art installer
  • Production Fees covered by BRIC

Cafe Layout



To apply for the BRIC ArtFP, please fill out and submit the online Application Form via SlideRoom (link posted when application period is active). 

Applications require a project description, artist bio(s), and work samples.

Applicants will be required to cover online application fees. A completed submission including work samples is $5.00.

BRIC ArtFP Application:

  • Choose the location of your project (please choose only ONE location from the above spaces).
  • Project Title
  • Project Summary: In two sentences or less, please summarize the project
  • Project Description: Please tell us about the project you would like to develop in the space.
  • Artist(s) Bio(s): Please share a brief bio about yourself and your collaborators.
  • In which season are you looking to exhibit? Tell us what your ideal is. If you don't have a preference, choose "either one." If it's more complicated than that, tell us in the "other" section.
  • Brooklyn Affiliation: Please tell us your relationship to Brooklyn. Brooklyn affiliation is not required for a BRIC ArtFP, but it is strongly considered alongside other criteria.
  • Link to the BRIC Registry profile (if you have one). We strongly encourage all artists with a Brooklyn affiliation to sign up on our registry
  • Work Samples: Please share up to three work samples that demonstrate your work.



Contact Jenny Gerow, Assistant Curator of Contemporary Art at 

2017-2018: Magali Duzant, Tatiana Arocha, Luiza Kurzyna, Leslie Kerby, Jesse Chun, Elizabeth Riley, Bradly Dever Treadaway, Katharine Shima, Fernanda Mello, Leigh Davis, Sophia Narrett, Kenseth Armstead, Juanli Carrion, and Nora Rodriguez (READ MORE ABOUT THESES ARTISTS HERE)


Above Photo Credits: Mello, Armstead, & Kerby - photo by Etienne Frossard; Jetsonorama, Bassel, Goh, Chong, and Staller - photo by Jason Wyche