My Light is a Bright Light | Issue No. 16

This month, we're finding our faith and losing our religion. 

This episode of Brooklyn, USA was produced by Sachar Mathias and Emily Boghossian. • Sound Was A Medicine was produced and edited by Emily Boghossian. You can find out more about Nate Martinez and his sound healing practice here. • Skater Spirit was produced and edited by Khyriel Palmer. • Sisters on a Train was produced and edited by Sasha Whittle. • Is Santeria Real? was produced by writer and content creator Lorena Reyes De la Cruz as part of the Brooklyn Public Library's BKLYN Outpost Redux series. Thank you to Brenda Bentt-Peters, Sarah Delannoy, Onel Mulet, and Liam Billingham for their help getting this story to us. • I’ve Been A Witch was produced by Shirin Barghi and edited by Emily Boghossian.