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As we imagine a post-pandemic future, the arts will play a leading role in creating the future we deserve. BRIC is committed to building this creative future together. Because, like you, we are invested in Brooklyn. We live in Brooklyn. This is our home. You are our community. And this is our future.

We invite you now to consider a commitment to BRIC, as we continue to build Brooklyn’s creative future.


Photo by Angelys Ocana

On May 30, 2018, Concrete Stories, the 5th annual BRIC Youth Media Festival took place, showcasing short films, documentaries, animations, and other media created by youth under the age of 21. A group of six Youth Media Fellows—media-savvy local high school students participating as part of BRIC's Youth Media Education Internship Program—produced and curated the Festival and worked tirelessly to review all of the over 75 entries and carefully select the winning films. Two screenings took place in the BRIC Ballroom in which those films receiving awards were shown, and the filmmakers were honored. In case you missed the event, here are the winning films in five categories! Congratulations to all who participated.


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The Red Maestro
Chevez Sanchez, Carter Guthrie, Christian Montes, 
Felix Ortiz
High School of Art and Design 

This was a collaborative short film I began working on over the summer. I always wanted to work on a project with Carter Guthrie, and since she was a photographer, stop motion was a perfect match. (6 min)


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It's Better to Forget
Eden Beech, Tate Beech, Matthew Kodsi, Hannah Dono, Noah Louis, Noam Oster, Spencer Wagner, 
Automatic Studios

Four "troubled geniuses" receive letters inviting them to a private school for the talented, yet misguided. When they arrive they begin to feel not everything is as it seems. The rules are strict, the students are strange, and the candy is plentiful. They must use their combined wit to survive. (10 min)


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Hipsters Go Home
Eden Ayala, Reel Works
Natives from Far Rockaway discuss the beauty of the community and what makes it so unique. Also discussing gentrification in Rockaway beach and what they feel these newcomers should do to accommodate everyone. (10 mins)


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60 Years Earlier
Ravi Vietro, Zachary Ramseur, Antonio Anders, Beatriz 
Benson, Emmett Kearns, Greg Joblove, Julian Reyer, Mason Yarde, Noam Oster, Nehru Madan, Automatic Studios

In a post-apocalyptic future, a virus has wiped out all adults. Only children under 15-years-old can survive in the new, harsh world. But, when a ragtag group of kids bands together, they might have what it takes to find the cure and grow old again. (10 min)


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The Last Goodbye
Nadir Hepburn, Marquez Lighty, Dalia Turner, Stephon Clark, Emanuel Bishop, Diego Alvarez, Taurus Smiley, Kimberly Leiba, Joshue Petion, Shaking Orane

On the eve of an apocalyptic storm, a frantic New York City evacuates via the only transportation left - train. Amongst those with tickets for the last train are a mother and son whose estranged and hopeless father who does not have a ticket, decides he must say his last goodbye. (8 min)