• Not I | Photo: James Lyndsay

  • Not I | Photo: James Lyndsay

  • Not I | Photo: James Lyndsay

  • Not I | Photo: James Lyndsay

As part of the 2020 Under the Radar Festival, Jess Thom (Touretteshero) takes on Samuel Beckett's short play Not I in a theatrical experience exploring neurodiversity. Click here to read more about Not I by Samuel Beckett.

These performances, which take place January 10-13 and 16-19, all incorporate American Sign Language (ASL) and are Relaxed Performances. But what does that mean? Here are some answers to several common accessibility questions as it relates to Not I.

Is BRIC an accessible venue?

Yes! BRIC is committed to welcoming people of all abilities. The main floor of BRIC House, where this performance will take place, has an accessible entrance on Rockwell Place, in addition to an accessible, all-gender bathroom and a café for drinks or snacks before the show. Click here to read more about Accessibility at BRIC.

What are Relaxed Performances?

Everyone can benefit from a Relaxed Performance! Jess Thom has Tourettes, a condition that means she makes movements and noises she can't control, called tics. In Relaxed Performances, everyone is welcome, no matter if you tic, shout, or move about!

Click here to read an article from The Evening Standard, about Jess Thom and Relaxed Performances, which explains: "Relaxed Performances are becoming ever more commonplace. They provide a less formal experience by relaxing attitudes to movement and sound from the audience, and attempting to remove the stressful aspects of going to see a show."

What will the performance space be like?

Not I will take place in a large Ballroom with a soft floor. You can stand, sit, or lie down where you like. There will be lights on the floor near the door, and you can leave if you want to and come back in at any time.

We have an entire document with more pre-show information if you’d like to learn more about what exactly to expect during the show, as well as an Audio Flyer with more information if you have difficulty reading documents online. Click here to find the Pre-Show Information Packet. Click here to listen to the Audio Flyer.

How is American Sign Language incorporated into the show?

For each performance of Not I, an ASL performer named Lindsey Snyder will be on stage alongside Jess Thom, presenting the piece in ASL for those audience members who are Deaf/deaf or hard-of-hearing. Below, you can watch a video presenting the synopsis of the show in ASL.

What if I have issues with loud / unexpected noises?

Below is the “Sonic Story” of Not I, which maps out the sound and noises that takes place during this production of Not I, in case you or someone you know has issues with loud or unexpected noises. This graphic tells the “Sonic Story” of Not I and highlights the significant auditory elements of the show for anyone who might find that useful.

What is the Under the Radar Festival?

Over the last 16 years, The Public's Under the Radar Festival has presented over 229 companies from 42 countries. It has grown into a landmark of the New York City theater season and is a vital part of The Public's mission, providing a high-visibility platform to support artists from diverse backgrounds who are redefining the act of making theater. Widely recognized as a premier launching pad for new and cutting-edge performance from the U.S. and abroad, Under the Radar Festival has presented works by such respected artists as Elevator Repair Service, Nature Theater of Oklahoma, Gob Squad, Belarus Free Theatre, Guillermo Calderón, and Young Jean Lee. These artists provide a snapshot of contemporary theater: richly distinct in terms of perspectives, aesthetics, and social practice, and pointing to the future of the art form.

Not I by Samuel Beckett, a Touretteshero and Battersea Arts Centre Production, is part of the Under the Radar Festival for 2020, and will take place at BRIC.

What if I have more questions?

To ask another question, make a specific access request, or to let us know other ways we can provide you with a welcoming experience, please contact Nia I'man Smith at nsmith@bricartsmedia.org or (718)683 -5986.

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