If Halloween is your favorite holiday, you will love these upcoming events at BRIC. We've got witches, magic, and singing corpses!

Witch Hunts Past, Present, Future: Discussion and Workshop
NOV 11, 2016 • 7:00 PM | FREE w/ RSVP
In collaboration with artist Macon Reed and her installation Hammer of Witches, Pears of Anguish in the BRIC Biennial, this is the first workshop in a series that will explore the persecution of witches throughout history and its relation to the rise of capitalism, how we relate to our physical bodies, and collective imagination.

Mugwort Magic: Plant Medicine for Healing In and Out of Time: Discussion and Workshop
DEC 7, 2016 • 7:00 PM | FREE w/ RSVP
The second workshop with artist Macon Reed looks at how we can work with so-called weeds as allies for our physical, spiritual, and political healing. Mugwort Magic will offer an embodied exploration of one such plant, Artemisia vulgaris, along with information on DIY herbal medicine-making from herbalist and cultural worker Sabina Ibarrola.

David Lang / Mark Dion ANATOMY THEATER
JAN 7-14, 2017 | 8:00 PM | $30 ADV & DOOR (GENERAL ADMISSION - SEATED)
Co-presented with PROTOTYPE Festival
Based on actual 18th-century texts, the anatomy theater opera follows the astonishing progression of an English murderess: from confession to execution and, ultimately, public dissection before a paying audience of fascinated onlookers.