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Keisha Scarville, The Placelessness of Echos

These past BRIC Media Arts Fellowship recipients and BRICworkspace Artists-in-Residence have work on view in exhibitions across New York City and around the world. Check out these exhibitions if you are able.


The Book of Everyday Instruction, Chapter Six: What is shared, what is offered, 2017. Custom-printed disposable cup, napkin and utensils, dimensions variable. 

CHLOE BASS (2018 Media Arts Fellow)

The Book of Everyday Instruction, an exploration of one-on-one social interaction. It includes eight major projects by Bass, created from 2015 to 2018.

Sarah E. Brook, Angel of Arrival

SARAH E. BROOK (2018 Media Arts Fellow)

Re: Art Show (21) curated by Efrem Zelony-Mindell featuring fifty-four artists in the Brooklyn space.

Luba Drozd, humane restraint

LUBA DROZD (2015 Media Arts Fellow)

Re: Art Show (21) curated by Efrem Zelony-Mindell featuring fifty-four artists in the Brooklyn space.

Macon Reed, still from Gymnasts featuring Kim Randall, HD video, sound, 6:15, 2014

  MACON REED (Spring 2018 BRICworkspace Artist-in-Residence)

Unleashing is an exhibition that explores the thought of philosopher Maxine Greene.

Power Forward, A Non-Zero Sum Game: Sports, Art, and the Moving Image Series is an exhibition exploring the political aspects of sports.

Keisha Scarville, "Untitled #18 (from Mama's Clothes series)", 2017

KEISHA SCARVILLE (Spring 2018 BRICworkspace Artist-in-Residence)

Elegy: Selections from Mama’s Clothes is a solo exhibition featuring photographs of Scarville wearing her mother’s clothing, exploring themes such as loss and grief.

The Placelessness of Echoes is a solo exhibition that features work created during their 2017 residency at Baxter St.

Carry Out: New Voices From the Global African Diaspora curated by Kalia Brooks with funding through Africa’s Out.

Katherine Toukhy, Figure as Bridge

KATHERINE TOUKHY (Summer 2017 BRICworkspace Artist-in-Residence)

Home Front exhibits the work of six artists that explore acts of resilience by women in times of social and political upheaval.



Laylah Amatullah Barrayn, Fashion + Spirituality: Baye Fall Aesthetics


Baye Fall: Roots in Spirituality, Fashion, and Resistance features photographs focusing on the Sufi Muslim order of Baye Fall, Senegal.

Jemila Macewan, It Holds Us All

JEMILA MACEWAN (2018 Media Arts Fellow)

Birds of Passage 1998-2018 - Assembly is an exhibition that focuses on prior artists-in-residence at Skaftfell.

Keisha Scarville, The Placelessness of Echoes (and kindship of shadows)


The Last Place They Thought Of curated by Daniella Rose King, this exhibition explores how geographical, ideological and spatial paradigms determine and reproduce uneven social relations.

Jakob Kudsk Steensen, AQUAPHOBIA, 2017

JAKOB KUDSK STEENSEN (Summer 2016 BRICworkspace Artist-In-Residence)

Aquaphobia is a virtual reality project that is a one-to-one copy of the Louis Valentino Jr. Park and Pier in Red Hook, Brooklyn. This virtual piece aims to explore our relationship with water in an area that will be greatly impacted by climate change.

Presenting their Aquaphobia, the virtual reality project that explores a one-to-one copy of the Louis Valentino Jr. Park and Pier in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Tahir Carl Karmali, STRATA '17

TAHIR CARL KARMALI (Summer 2016 BRICworkspace Artist-in-Residence)

  • The Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, Washington, from February 3, 2018 to June 14, 2020.​​​​​​​

Immigrant Artists and the American West is an exploration of how art relates and responds to personal and political issues regarding migration.