BRIC TV and BRIC Radio staffers celebrating the 2019 Fall Launch! | Photo by Liz Maney. 

BRIC TV is now in its fifth season, and this week we celebrated three premieres: video series and podcast Glitter & Doom, audio fiction podcast In This Economy?, and the fifth season of Going In with Brian Vines! Learn more about each show below. 


Going In with Brian Vines: Reduce, Reuse, Rebel | BRIC TV 

On the fifth season of Going In With Brian Vines, we're focusing on the ways everyday New Yorkers reudce, reuse, and rebel to tackle a global problem. In the season premiere, Brian interviews members of Extinction Rebellion, Sunrise Movement, and 350org about their grassroots efforts to combat climate change.



Glitter & Doom | BRIC TV & BRIC Radio 

Another day, another crisis: rising fascism, ecological collapse, corporate omnipotence, the list goes on. What’s an artist to do? On Glitter & Doom, host MacKenzie Fegan talks to a broad range of cultural creators, from artists and authors to designers and chefs about how their work is part of the resistance and perhaps the solution. Glitter & Doom kicks off with a conversation with author Walter Mosley. Tune in on YouTube or listen and subscribe to the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Play


In This Economy? | BRIC Radio 

This series of eight short, self-contained radio plays relies on the agility and diversity of the gig economy to reimagine the process of creating scripted drama, and enjoys all of the advantages and "opportunities” this form of unvetted, of ready-to-hire labor creates. From casting talent on Fiverr to crowdsourcing script elements, In This Economy? reinvents audio fiction production for the modern workforce. Listen and subscribe on Spotify, or anywhere you listen to podcasts.