• Task 1: Windows at Noon | Photos by @kbnyc and Future Historical Society Member Jamilla Carr

  • Task 2When Life Gives You Lemons... | Photos by @missjessieinthebk and Future Historical Society Members @dannymefford and @yazmany

  • Task #3: Draw a Picture | Photos by FHS Members @yazmany and @rahabehnam

  • Task #4: Write a Micro-Poem | Photos by FHS Members @jsucher76 and @dannymedford

Creativity still brings people together, even as we practice social distancing. Every week, members of the Future Historical Society invite the community to try their hand at a creative task, and share their results on social media. 

Below, you can view all of the tasks, check out the responses , and join us in "social nearing" by using the appropriate hashtags on social media.



Task #1: At noon, take a photo of the view from your window. Caption it with the date, location, and #WindowsAtNoon_FHS. 






 Task #2: Find a dessert recipe that features lemons. Make it or imagine it, and share a pic of the process. Caption with the name of the dish, how it makes you feel, and the hashtag #Lemons_FHS. 





Task #3: Draw a picture of your neighbor or neighborhood from your stoop, window, or memory. Share your photo with us by using the hashtag #Drawing_FHS!





Task #4: Writing a Micro-Poem. Observe something very small in your space: A leaf of a plant, a detail of an object, the texture of a surface. Share your photo with us by using the hashtag #MicroPoem_FHS.




Task #5: Tell us what music is moving you! Add your tunes to our Spotify playlist, and share it with us on social by using the hashtag #MovingMusicFHS






 Task #6: What are you reading that nourishes you?Share a passage of text or record yourself reading it. See all the entries by searching #CaringWords_FHS