Help Ensure a More Vibrant Future for Brooklyn

As we imagine a post-pandemic future, the arts will play a leading role in creating the future we deserve. BRIC is committed to building this creative future together. Because, like you, we are invested in Brooklyn. We live in Brooklyn. This is our home. You are our community. And this is our future.

We invite you now to consider a commitment to BRIC, as we continue to build Brooklyn’s creative future.


The B Free Awards celebrates the best and brightest forms of made-in-Brooklyn, community-produced TV & podcast shows— including topics like entertainment, activism, arts, sports, media, politics, business, comedy, cooking and so much more.

Every year, our in-house judges scratch their heads for weeks, while feasting on cookies sent by anonymous senders, to put out the list of honorees for the fourteen out of fifteen B Free Awards categories. But, the only one category where the choice is made by YOU, THE PEOPLE is the People’s Choice Award!

The B Free Awards People’s Choice Award holds a special place in our hearts because it was created with YOU in mind. You’ve watched our Brooklyn Free Speech TV and podcast channels all year and invited these shows into your home. They made you laugh, made you think, made you cry, and some even made you go hmmmm. Whatever it is that you felt while watching and listening to those shows, now is your chance to show them love by voting for your faves for People’s Choice.

Vote from home. Vote on your way to work. Vote at work. Vote while cleaning the fish tank. Vote while walking your dog. Vote while walking your cat. Vote at the supermarket. Vote at the gym. Vote while watching This is Us. Vote while in a Nor’easter. Whatever you do, just make sure to vote soon because voting closes Saturday, March 24 at 7:30PM.

So Brooklyn, here’s your chance to show your love for the community-produced TV shows, films, shorts, and podcasts that air on Brooklyn Free Speech. We are handing you the keys to the castle, all you have to do now is turn the key, and VOTE!


Is voting counted by likes or views?
Voting is ONLY counted by the number of likes that the video or podcast gets.

Is there a limit to the number of videos and podcasts I can vote for?
No, there is no limit. Vote for as many videos and podcasts as you'd like!

VOTE: B Free Awards People's Choice TV (Go to YouTube to Like)

VOTE: B Free Awards People's Choice Podcast (Go to SoundCloud to Like)