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Model: Leila Eng Perez, BRIC Marketing Intern, Junior at the High School for Art & Design, and Future Award-Winning Cartoonist; Photo: ILLFLIX

In honor of National Intern Day, we want to introduce you to the very talented, very smart, and incredibly awesome, Leila Eng Perez. Leila works as a marketing intern with BRIC's Brooklyn Free Speech TV & Podcast Network. We're so excited to have her as part of the team. Here's Leila in her own words:

Model: Leila Eng Perez, BRIC Marketing Intern, Junior at the High School for Art & Design, and Future Award-Winning Cartoonist.

"Hi, I'm Leila Eng - Perez! I am 16 years old and this fall, I'll be going into my junior year at the High School of Art and Design in Manhattan, New York. My true passion is cartooning and I plan to pursue a career in media and entertainment when I graduate.

The short time I have worked at BRIC (my first day was Monday, July 16) has been a dream. I am doing what I truly love— creating art to share with people. The environment has been extremely stimulating to my creativity and my interest in entertainment. My mentor, Alease Annan has been guiding me to my potential so I can share it with BRIC.

I get to my desk excited knowing what I give to BRIC will be something that is part of the company. I’ve seen first hand that team members at BRIC are valued, and I feel valued. I am so grateful to be part of the BRIC team."

Leila is a very talented artist— check out some of her designs below. Happy National Intern Day, Leila. We're so grateful to have you as part of the BRIC team!

Design: Leila Eng Perez; "The design inspiration for this piece was BRIC Media Education, its wallet-friendly courses and the free equipment it offers to media makers. I created a structured layout of equipment so that it would resemble note paper that our film, TV production, podcast, and photography students use in class."

Design: Leila Eng Perez; "My inspiration for this piece came from the slogan for BRIC's Brooklyn Free Speech TV & Podcast Network: 'Where Media Dreamers Become Media Makers'. The photographer in this image represents that hungry media dreamer who is determined to make her or his media dreams come true. I wanted the colors, the mood, and the design to convey possibility."

Design: Leila Eng Perez

Design: Leila Eng Perez