Glass Animals at BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival

On Tuesday, August 31, Glass Animals performed one of the most energetic shows of the annual summer BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival for a sold-out crowd of guests. Fans who completed health screenings in advance were rewarded with early access to the venue and merchandise tent before doors officially opened. 

Before the beloved band’s spirited headlining set, Binki limped onto the stage in a comedic fashion then fell into Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka Somersault to open the show. The theatrics didn't stop there as the Pennsylvanian musician wowed the crowd with a very unique act donning a purple wig and performing magic tricks between his quirky yet incomparable set including the notable hit “heybb!”

After Binki’s set, a digital on-screen countdown reading “Glass Animals Showtime.exe” in vintage, 90s-era Microsoft lettering built palpable anticipation for Glass Animals before walking  out to screaming fans. Each member entered the stage and waved to the audience, including lead vocalist, Dave Bayley, Drew MacFarlane (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), Ed Irwin-Singer (bass guitar, keyboards, backing vocals), and Joe Seaward (drums, percussion.) 

The British indie-pop band played an invigorating set with pastel props and a beaming background that brought their third album, Dreamland to life. Bayley gave an unforgettable performance, dancing all over the swimming pool-shaped stage as the band added to the setlist multiple crowd-pleasing hits from their earlier records and closed the night with their single "Heat Waves."