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A Letter From Our President:

In this moment of profound reckoning for our country, I'm stunned by having witnessed so brazenly the ongoing consequences of whiteness being weaponized against Black bodies. I grieve for the Black lives taken from us: George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and many others. I'm also pained by the toll COVID-19 has taken on our country, our city, our borough, and our neighbors. KEEP READING >>

This past month has been filled with news headlines about one natural disaster after another: strong hurricanes devastating parts of the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean, as well as the large magnitude earthquake in Mexico. Within hours many people lost homes, loved ones, and saw their entire livelihoods gone. 

As people across the U.S. continue to aid the relief effort, BRIC staff personally connected to these recent devastations offer their recommendations on verified organizations and websites that are offering disaster relief and accepting donations, as well as local Brooklyn outposts organizing aid.



  • Dominica Hurricane Maria Relief Fund: (Organized by the government of Dominica.) Proceeds will aid victims of Hurricane Maria
  • El Puente: (A community human rights institution based in Brooklyn.)Your contribution will help El Puente members, families, and neighbors in Puerto Rico directly, as well as support ongoing Climate Change initiatives there.
  • conPRmetidos: (An independent, non-partisan, Puerto Rico-based nonprofit.) 100% of donations will be used to provide immediate and long-term relief to the victims of Hurricane María in Puerto Rico.
  • Hispanic Federation: (The nation's premier Latino nonprofit membership organization.) You can decide to donate to Puerto Rico or earthquake victims in Mexico.
  • One America Appeal: (Organized by the five living former Presidents.) The proceeds will help those in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.
  • The Community Foundation of the Virgin Islands: (A philanthropic organization that manages collection of funds, essential programs and services to benefit the citizens of the USVI.) All proceeds will aid victims of Hurricane Irma in the US Virgin Islands.
  • Direct donation through Mexico-based filmmaker Trisha Ziff for earthquake relief: Ziff and her small team are purchasing and distributing medicines, first aid supplies, and baby food, alongside basic building supplies to the epicenter of the earthquake in the State of Morelos near Mexico City. The entire amount will go to purchasing the supplies; Donations can be sent to Trisha via PayPal to Photographs of the materials and distribution efforts wil be sent to donors.



  • The  Shirley Chisholm State Office Building  is accepting the following items for donation between 9am and 6pm every day : batteries, flashlights, portable lanterns, diapers, baby wipes, cases of water and feminine hygiene products. All items must be unopened and in their original packaging.
  • Several firehouses in Bushwick and Sunset Park are collecting diapers, baby food, batteries, feminine hygiene products, and first aid supplies. The locations can be found in the image below.


Blog post compiled by: Kiana Carrington, 2017 Downtown Brooklyn Arts Management Fellow