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As we imagine a post-pandemic future, the arts will play a leading role in creating the future we deserve. BRIC is committed to building this creative future together. Because, like you, we are invested in Brooklyn. We live in Brooklyn. This is our home. You are our community. And this is our future.

We invite you now to consider a commitment to BRIC, as we continue to build Brooklyn’s creative future.


Bethany Patterson

This is Bethany Patterson’s first summer as a BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn Seat-Pass Member. Read why she’s glad she joined the Friends program. 

Tell us about yourself.

Bethany: I’ve lived in New York for five years, this is my fifth summer coming to the BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival, and I live in Brooklyn Heights. I work for an Advertising Technology Company and I run the Operations Team.

Why did you decide to be a member?

Bethany: To me, it seemed like a no-brainer. I come to almost every single show and it’s so popular; I’m sure you guys know the line gets crazy sometimes. To me, it’s worth it. ​I’m celebrating something I love. I want to help keep as many concerts as possible free, because I think there are a lot of people who can’t afford to buy tickets. To me, if I can, I want to share the love.

What has been your favorite concert of the season?

Bethany: Conor Oberst or Fleet Foxes. Fleet Foxes hasn’t toured or released an album for a long time, so the concert was a very big deal!

Who would you like to see at the Bandshell?

Bethany: I would like to see Bryan Adams play. He’s one of my favorite musicians of all time and I know he’s played the Summer Stage in Central Park. I know he’s a New York icon and I think he’d be a great addition to BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn.

What are a few words you would use to describe the BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival?

Bethany: Fun, creative and diverse. I think there are a lot of creative people here, or people who surround themselves with art and culture. I love this place because it never caters to one specific type of person or one group of people. BRIC tries to encompass the great parts of Brooklyn, which is its diversity. There are so many types of people and cultures in one place, and that’s what the BRIC Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival is all about.