As we continue the ongoing battle for racial justice and an end to police violence, we want to maintain our unwavering support for our community and ensure that you continue to thrive. To that end, we have compiled a list of shared resources from local and national organizations.

These resources offer assistance, such as financial, legal, and mental health support and opportunities during these difficult times. They should not be mistaken for information distributed by city and state authorities.

In the coming days and weeks, finding ways to support one another will become especially crucial. The links below were compiled from BRIC's Racial Equity Steering Committee, Black Lives Matter, the Laundromat Project, and the Downtown Brooklyn Arts Alliance, among others. We'll be continually updating this page as we learn of more resources. 

Information for Allyship:

Mutual Aid Networks:


Arts & Culture Resources:

Activist Voices:

Educational Resources:

Legal Resources:

New York:

  • National Lawyers Guild NYC: What to do if Someone You Know is Arrested (Tweet)
  • Brooklyn-based Rouff Law Firm PLLC is offering pro bono services for any protesters in NY that may need legal counsel and representation.


New York:


Other Ways to Help:

  • Support Black-owned businesses, here is a curated guide to businesses in Brooklyn.
  • This document was written a number of years ago for people who cannot protest, whatever the reason may be.
  • We encourage everyone to write to Joshua Williams, who was arrested when he was 18 during the Ferguson Uprising. He's up for parole in June. Details here.