The Vijay Iyer Sextet | Photo: Lynne Harty

Keyboardist-composer Vijay Iyer has spent years performing and recording to international praise. Today he releases the first album from The Vijay Iyer Sextet, called Far From Over, along with horn players Graham Haynes, Steve Lehman, and Mark Shim, and rhythm partners Stephan Crump and Tyshawn Sorey.

“This group has a lot of fire in it, but also a lot of earth, because the tones are so deep, the timbres and textures,” Iyer said. “There’s also air and water – the music moves.” The music on the album ranges from the thrillingly explosive (“Down to the Wire,” “Good on the Ground”) to the cathartically elegiac (“For Amiri Baraka,” “Threnody”), with melodic hooks, entrancing atmosphere, rhythmic muscle and an elemental spirit all part of the allure. For the New York album release show, The Vijay Iyer Sextet will perform at the 2017 BRIC JazzFest Marathon Friday, on October 20 at BRIC House. Tickets are on sale now!

In the videos below, hear from Vijay himself about the group, and watch two teasers about the album.