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Prospect Park Bandshell | Photo credit: Frank Florianz


The International Afrikan American Ballet & Sondra Nix
July 19, 1979

A Baker's Dozen Dance Theater and The Capoerias
July 20, 1979

The International Afrikan American Ballet & Sondra Nix
July 21, 1979

Charles Moore… Dances and Drums of Africa
July 22, 1979

Rachel Lambert Dance Company
July 26, 1979

Horizon Concerts Chamber Orchestra
July 27, 1979

The Family presents Shakespeare's Twelfth Night
July 28, 1979

The Puerto Rican Dance Theater
July 29, 1979

The Changing Times Tap Dancing Company
August 2, 1979

The Brooklyn Philharmonia CETA Orchestra
August 3, 1979

An evening with Jazzmobile
August 4, 1979

Mother Chord, a woman's chamber ensemble
August 5, 1979

E.L. James in The Face of Love
August 10, 1979

The Moffett Family Jazz Musicians
August 11, 1979

An evening with Jazzmobile's Afro-Latin CETA Band
August 12, 1979

Morita Dance Company and Rosalind Newman and Dancers
August 16, 1979

Black Theater Alliance presents The Zappers & The Shopping Bag Lady
August 17, 1979