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Brooklyn, USA is an audio magazine for and about Brooklyn — all of Brooklyn. It’s an exploration all of the things that are seen, heard, felt and experienced on Brooklyn streets, and in its farthest corners. Consider it a home for stories, essays, radio plays, oral histories, fiction and sound portraits that you’re not likely to hear elsewhere.

Each episode of Brooklyn, USA is roughly 30 minutes long and made up of pieces that relate to an overarching theme. They’ve gone back in time, out of state, into the stratosphere and around the corner.

Stories should be:

  • Compelling

  • Surprising

  • Evergreen

  • Journalistically Sound

  • About (or somehow connected to) Brooklyn

Some guidelines for pitching:

  • Let us know what sort of piece you have in mind (is it a reported story, a non-narrated feature,  a personal essay, a piece of short fiction, sound art, etc.?)

  • Tell us, generally, what the story is about, how you plan to make it and how long the finished piece should be.

  • While we know it’s sometimes hard to narrow a big idea down, please keep the description as quick and concise  as possible!

  • If you have already recorded audio (or if relevant audio exists in the public domain), send us a clip or a link.

We’re gearing up for Season 2, and are looking for pitches on any and all topics -- but especially anything related to:

  • Name & Address: Brooklyn As A Brand

  • Ghost Stories & Haunted Sites

  • Religion & Spirituality

  • Guns: Culture & Violence

  • Scams & Hoaxes

  • Money & Economics

  • Natives & Newcomers: Calling Brooklyn Home

Please send any pitches, story ideas, questions and leads to...


We look forward to hearing from you!