Brooklyn's Creative Future Needs You!

For over forty years, BRIC has been giving Brooklyn a platform and a gathering place. BRIC’s creative workforce is the lifeblood of our organization and represents a significant segment of Brooklyn’s creative economy. 

Help support our mission to Build Brooklyn’s Creative Future, by donating to the BRIC CREATIVE FUTURE RELIEF FUND.


Certification classes (for equipment & studio rentals)
TV Studio Production (30 hours)
Mini studio Production (6 hours)
Video Editing with Premiere (18 hours)
Video Production in the Field (12 hours)
Field Audio Equipment Certification (3.5 hours)
Intro to Radio Podcasting (12 hours)
Studio Podcasting (6 hours)

Non-certification (skill building)
Intermediate Premiere (12 hours)
Advanced Premiere (12 hours)
Intro to Photoshop (12 hours)
Intro to After Effects (12 hours)
Intro to Audition (6 hours)
Editing Podcasts with Audition (12 hours)
Intro to Sound Design (3 hours)
Field Recording Techniques (3 hours)
Audio Production in the Studio (3 hours)
Intro to Digital Photography (6 hours)
Street Photography (3 hours)
DSLR Filmmaking (6 hours)

Library classes (Central, New Lots, Coney Island, Dekalb)
Make a Movie On Your Phone (2 hours)
Get to Know Your Camera (2 hours)
Digital Photo Enhancement (2 hours)
Edit Photos On Your Phone (2 hours)
Make a Digital Story (2 hours)
Make a Stop Motion Animation (2 hours)
How to Record a Podcast (2 hours)
How to Edit a Podcast (2 hours)
Mobile Phone Podcasting (2 hours)