Got Questions About Brooklyn Free Speech HD? We've Got Answers!

What is HD?

High Definition, or HD, is a higher resolution format than our current Standard definition or SD program. Technically, the HD file format is:  NTSC, Frame Width 1920 x Frame Height 1080, frame rate: 29.97 / 59.97 fps, pixel aspect ratio: 16:9 (1.000).  Please ask if you have questions regarding this.

How is this different from our original channel application?

A few ways:  First, there is no season or quarter. The application period is monthly.  Second, you must turn in the programs with the application.  Third, you can apply for more time as soon as your program has played.

Can my program be longer than one hour?

Yes!  However, time slots longer than one hour are subject to availability.

What is the shortest program I can submit?

Two minutes.  Programs under 15 minutes long will be grouped together for scheduling.

Can content aired on the SD channel be submitted to HD channel or vice versa?

Yes, as long as your content is shot and produced in HD. However, we encourage you to premiere new content on the HD channel.

When can I expect my content to be aired?

Your content to will be aired the month following your application— unless you choose an air-date further out on the calendar. For example, if you submit your application and content during the July 1 – July 15 application period, your content will be aired in August—unless you ask us to air it later than that.

What if my content is time-sensitive and needs to be aired as soon as possible?

We can sometimes accommodate your request to air time-sensitive content within a week on the SD channels. You may still apply later for HD channel air-time.

Can I request a replay of my content after it premieres?

Your program is guaranteed a one-time air date as long as you meet the application guidelines.  You may request on the application that your program play as a filler. Fillers are scheduled as needed by our Programming/Scheduling Department and may play without notice.  If you wish to air the program again on a scheduled basis, you may reapply. 

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