Caitlin Cherry

“My art practice incorporates painting with installation, sculpture, and new media. Considering painting in an expanded field, I allow for a concept to drive which media a project may utilize. In the past two years I have maintained a focus on figurative painting of black women influencers and entertainers through the eyes of social media. These black women are mediated through the technologies of the LCD laptop, phone, and television screens through which we interact with and fetishize them.”


4_Sunhead Emergent Leviathan_CaitlinCherry.jpg

Sunhead Emergent Leviathan, 2019
Oil on canvas
69 ½ x 86 in.


L to R: Sunhead Emergent Leviathan, 2019; Kiosk, 2019


Kiosk, 2019
Desks, mount, painting, and security camera
66 x 80 x 80 in.


Phase Shift, 2019
Oil on canvas
72 ½ x 72 ½ in.

Caitlin Cherry is a sculptor and painter that renders her subjects big, bold, embellished, and beautiful. Common thematic concerns of her work orbit around female subjectivity and the Black woman’s experience. “Not everyday women,” Cherry views her subjects through the lens of technology where they become beautifully superhuman, glossy, misunderstood, and disfigured. Cherry, self-described as shy and quiet, is lionized by the mammoth-size characters in her work. She communicates with a sense of restraint and calm, revealing a powerful sense of interiority that draws a listener in. Read her interview with Chenée Daley here.



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