BRIC Youth Curatorial Fellowship 2021-2022

Teen Art Exhibition


BRIC Youth Curatorial Exhibition: I'm Walking 'Ere is planned, promoted, designed, and judged entirely by media-savvy high school students as part of the BRIC Youth Curatorial Fellowship Program. 

I'm Walking 'Ere. Why are you proud of your identity? Living in New York, one can get lost in our crowd of ambitious young lights. What is it like to develop your voice as a creator amidst the hustle and bustle? Take this opportunity to express yourself through the New York state of mind.


Thank you for your submissions.


The Youth Curatorial Fellowship program will focus on developing and producing the 3rd Annual For-Teens-By-Teens, BRIC’s Youth Contemporary Art Exhibition. Over the course of the fellowship, fellows determine the theme of the exhibition, solicit submissions, program outreach, select participating artists, and install the show. The exhibition will showcase visual arts pieces in 2D & 3D medium (printmaking, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, textile, mixed-media) created by NYC  high school-age artists.

Check out past exhibitions, titled Make This Accessible & Looking Backwards Looking Forwards.