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As we imagine a post-pandemic future, the arts will play a leading role in creating the future we deserve. BRIC is committed to building this creative future together. Because, like you, we are invested in Brooklyn. We live in Brooklyn. This is our home. You are our community. And this is our future.

We invite you now to consider a commitment to BRIC, as we continue to build Brooklyn’s creative future.


Concrete Stories: BRIC Youth Media Festival is planned, promoted, designed, and judged entirely by media-savvy Brooklyn high school students as part of the BRIC Youth Media Fellowship Program.

Concrete Stories aims to promote conversations around the power and potential of young people by showcasing authentic, entertaining, eclectic, inspiring, and courageous works by NYC-affiliated youth media makers under the age of 21. This special red carpet event features the screening of a collection of short docs, fiction film, music videos, and animation created by highly competitive and talented creators. Awards are given for directing, storytelling, cinematography, and editing.

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Meet the 2020 Youth Media Fellows!

The 7th Annual Concrete Stories: BRIC Youth Media Festival was our first virtual edition, held on Zoom and streamed on YouTube. The 2020 Fellows did an amazing job transitioning from in-person meetings to virtual meetings. They remained committed to their mission of amplifying the voices of their peers and produced a spectacular film festival. We look forward to seeing the magic and enthusiasm of the 2021 Fellows and youth filmmakers.

The Youth Media Fellowship Application is OPEN!

Deadline: Monday, October 12

Apply Here


Send us your short films, documentaries, music videos, experimental films, and animations!
Awards will be given for Directing, Storytelling, Cinematography, Editing, and Best Overall short.

Guidelines for Submission: 
1. Media makers must be under 21-years-old and based in New York City
2. Videos must be under 10 minutes
3. Each media maker can submit up to 2 projects (must submit separate forms)
4. Videos must be in 720 or 1080
5. Videos must be predominantly youth-made

Congratulations to the 2020 Concrete Stories Award Recipients!

Invasion Of The Culture Snatchers (10 min) | Concrete Stories Award

A college student returns to his neighborhood for summer break, but something has changed. The bodega is under new management and the new owners have ulterior motives for the neighborhood.

By Jaire Marshall; Reel Works.

Merrymakers (11 min) | Best Directing

Two middle school girls sneak out one Saturday night to the West Village. Over the course of the night, they learn about themselves, each other, and what it means to grow up.

By Elena Goluboff; Reel Works.

Ocean’s View (11 min) | Best Editing

After his prison release for marijuana charges, Ocean struggles to come to terms with a society that now idolizes marijuana.

By Christian Colon, Marianelia Gonzalez, Serina Griffin, Arlet Guallpa, Zilana Lee, Rosemary Colon-Martinez, Joel Pacheo, Kylan Barrajanos-Powe, Mateo Zules; DCTV.

Do You Want To Play With Me (5 min) | Best Cinematography & Viewer’s Choice Award

Maxine's escape plan from detention takes a quick turn when she discovers a magical time travel remote. During her journey, she learns the real usage for the time machine and learns from her mistakes by getting a chance to show empathy instead of anger.

By Zephan Ryan, Rafael Lantz, Laith Esa, Danny Virorlyansky, Lucy Rudenzan, Trinity White; Manhattan Youth.

Broken (6 min) | Best Storytelling

Based on a personal experience, Broken follows immigrant adolescent Rebecca as she navigates the harsh adult world in order to prevent the deportation of her father.

By Stephenie Hernandez, Diego Rojas-Marin, Ashley Cervantes, Sharde Alexander, Lincoln Mayers, Allen Ventura, Neil Leggard, Mahalia Clair; Digital Arts & Cinema Technology High School.

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