Fall 2018 - Alexander, Sharde.png

Sharde Alexander is a junior at Digital Arts and Cinema Technology High School. She enjoys listening to music, creating films, and spending time with loved ones. Sharde has created and directed ‘day in the life’ documentaries of teachers, public service announcements, and is currently working on a narrative film. In the future, she aspires to be a criminal justice attorney with a background in photography and videography.


Fall 2018 - Grant, Taylor.png

Taylor Grant is a senior at Lower Manhattan Arts Academy. She has had a great love for writing ever since she was younger and since then has seen the evolution and progression in her writing over time. Writing gives her an outlet to express who she is as an artist and provides an escape from the outside world. Taylor has worked with the Queens Film Festival, training how to use film equipment and expanding her knowledge of film in the process. Her dream is to write for television and work in the
multimedia industry.



Fall 2018 - Hernandez, Stephanie.png

Stephanie Hernandez attends Digital Arts and Cinema Technology High School. She could spend all day watching films and enjoys discussing and explaining them. Stephanie conducted interviews and shot a promotional material for the organization Seeds in the Middle, which ended up in a documentary produced by her school for IMAX and the United Nations. Her photography has been shown at the MET and Times Square. In the future, Stephanie hopes to create films inspire young filmmakers and change peoples lives.


Fall 2018 - Seck, Fatou.png

Fatou Seck is a senior at the Calhoun School. She most enjoys researching and watching films to discover fun facts about them, as well as underlying themes. She also enjoys taking photographs, listening to music, and reading. Fatou took part in a filmmaking project at DCTV where she helped shoot, act, edit, and direct a short film about gun violence at a high school. She hopes to one day write and direct her own television show and films, create a sustainable clothing brand, and move to the United Kingdom. 


Fall 2018 - Williams, Karizma.png

Karizma Williams is a senior at the Urban Assembly of Music and Art. She loves to illustrate, as it's an escape and way to express her creative imagination. In addition to illustration, Karizma loves photographing the fleeting moments of life in polaroids. Her dream is to become an animation artist, to share her work with the world, and to have her own mini series or show featuring her art. 



Steeve Hedouville is a senior at Abraham Lincoln High School and enjoys writing poetry, skateboarding, thrifting, and exploring different spaces and places. When doing so, he feels he can be most himself without judgement and can express his thoughts freely. Steeve has worked with Arts Not Parts, a collective whose aim it is to represent transgender and queer individuals as equal and was an intern at Anna Sui.