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2021 BRIC Podcast Intensive Listening Party 

Watch the event live on Brooklyn Free Speech HD, Spectrum 1993, Optimum 951 Verizon 47.


WED, MAY 19, 2021 | 7PM




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BRIC's 2021 Remote Podcast Intensive cohort provided the ins and outs of creating a podcast pilot and a viable season all while learning & producing remotely. Students produced their pilot, with 12 weeks of skill-building in non-fiction storytelling, podcast production practices, interviewing, recording techniques, and editing. The podcast topics are intense personal journeys each student has spent the past 6 months working on. The stories range from stories of Mental Health, Latin Women in Music, Trans Activism, Motherhood, Women in Science, Opera Education and many more. The 2021 BRIC Podcast Intensive Listening Party is one you don't miss! See you there!

Half the Sky by Jing Jia

Female STEM scientists & artists tell their stories about having a socially impactful career and changing their male-dominated industries.

A podcast for and about female professionals. It’s a series of interviews of female scientists and artists about their journey in solving real world problems, a mix of scientific reasoning, creativity and female intuition. We will explore their career path, their daily challenges and how they make changes in their own industries.

Jing Jia: My name is Jing Jia. I live in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I’m a data scientist and a mother of two teenage girls. I worked in quantitative finance on Wall Street for almost 20 years. Two years ago, I decided to devote my time and energy to making a social impact. Currently, I’m the CIO of a startup that aims at reducing loneliness in the senior community.

With the Band by Kristina Dominick

Brooklyn-based salsa dancer interviews Latin musicians in NYC.

With the Band is a podcast featuring conversations with Latin musicians in NYC, spanning the genres of salsa, jazz, folkloric, and even opera! The show explores the stories behind the music - where the artists grew up, how they're navigating the COVID-19 pandemic, and what projects and performances are on the horizon. As a dancer in NYC's "salsa" scene, Kristina saw firsthand as live music venues and especially musicians suffered over the past year. Through the podcast, she hopes to promote sales of music, merchandise, virtual events, and in-person performances when it's safe to do so.

Kristina Dominick grew up in Pennsylvania with a healthy mix of performing in local theater productions and traipsing around the greenhouses of her family's wholesale plant business. She graduated from Fordham University in 2009, with degrees in Communications and Spanish Studies. She now works as a fundraiser at the 92nd Street Y, a non-profit community and cultural center. She discovered her second family as a dancer in NYC's "salsa" scene and currently resides in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Instagram: @kdomdotcom

Opera in Blue Jeans by Jamila Gieseler

Demystifying the world of opera using storytelling, fun anecdotes, interviews and most importantly music for a new audience in a relaxed easygoing environment.

Opera in Blue Jeans is an introduction to a music genre that has been seen as an elitist artform that is nearly impossible to relate to. This podcast breaks down the barrier to welcome all and is geared toward to most unlikely participants. The host Jamila Gieseler is an African American soprano who will keep this subject light, informative and fun through anecdotes, narratives, interviews and most of all the music.

Jamila Gieseler: A native of Brooklyn, NY, Jamila Gieseler is a soprano with a vast range of experience in the performing arts. She was educated in the NYC public school system and after obtaining her bachelor’s degree in political science, returned to teach at her former high school. After serving as a high school history teacher for seven years, Jamila left to pursue a future in music with a concentration in opera. She has performed at various venues and opera companies around NYC and was the featured soloist at the grand opening of the new 7 World Trade Center. Her new focus is in audience development to expose everyone (especially minority and/or marginalized populations) to opera.

You Get Paid For That? By Kristi Forsch

Stories of fascinating people, doing fascinating jobs hiding in plain sight.

Ever wonder who gets paid to name nail polish colors? Or who records the sounds of squeaky meat grinders for a living? Who are these people who find their way into cool, unusual jobs — and how did they get hired?

“You Get Paid For That?” is a conversation with those very people. It’s not a boring business podcast to fill your commute — it’s short, creative, and fascinated with its fascinating guests. Speaking with the people you always wondered about or maybe didn’t even know existed, sharing their unique insights about their J-O-B.

Kristi Forsch is happy to call Brooklyn home after relocating from Chicago. She is an actor who helped start two theatre companies in Chicago and has performed in countless plays across the country. A Senior People Business Partner who has spent ten years making work better for others at a staffing company, Kristi is also a producer for The Latest with Greg Ott, a weekly comedy news podcast. She’s thankful to learn from this beautiful cohort of podcasters.

Twinning by Diana Mena

A glimpse into the reality of the twin experience and the stories and myths that fascinate us all. This interview series is interspersed with journalistic storytelling as we also discuss evidence of twins throughout history. Our riveting interviews, dynamic guests and off the cuff humor make for a great listen.

Diana Mena: Podcast Host Diana Mena grew up in Tampa, Florida and moved to New York to pursue a career in showbiz. After trying the audition circuit, Diana found her voice when she began to write and produce her own short films and series. Since then, she has turned to explore a new medium with podcasting and has established a following from her show, Let’s Heal Together, currently in Season 2. Being a twin herself, Diana is passionate about her new show, #Twinning, and is looking forward to breaking stereotypes and entertaining audiences from all walks of life.

Science in Color by Alonso Córdoba

Stories of scientists of color who have overcome adversity and shattered stereotypes in STEM fields.

Your career as a scientist or academic can have extra obstacles if you happen to be a person of color. Join science geeks Alonso Córdoba and Arwa Gabr, who meet with academics of color who tell all about the hardships they have endured for not fitting the stereotypical mold, and the strategies and resources they have used to beat the odds and succeed! If you are a student of color thinking of a science career, if you already began walking that path, or if you are simply someone looking for inspirational stories of people destroying stereotypes, this podcast is for you.

Alonso Córdoba is a Colombian zoologist turned soil microbiologist. Moving to NYC allowed me to meet people of many different backgrounds, especially in academia, where POC don't always have it easy, and have fascinating, inspirational stories. As a teacher, sharing such stories with students (or anyone, really) helps me open the minds of people who can go on to demolish stereotypes. A passion for storytelling, science communication, and social justice come together in the podcast Science in Color.

Ancient Wisdom For Everyone by Fanny Lawren

The ancient Chinese philosophy and strategies guide leaders worldwide to success. They can also help YOU in everyday life. Fanny Lawren will show you how.

The ancient Chinese philosophy and strategies guide great leaders worldwide to succeed in negotiating deals, growing businesses, and managing resources. They can also help YOU in everyday life too. Fanny Lawren will tell you how.

In "Ancient Wisdom for Everyone", not only will Fanny translate and explain the original quotes, she would also cite historical examples, give you some business case studies, and demonstrate how the themes apply to current events.

Follow Fanny to learn how ancient Chinese wisdom can help to reach your goals and enhance your life quality. The Art of War, The Thirty-Six Stratagems, The Analects of Confucius, Tao Te Ching are more fun and useful than you think.

Fanny Lawren has been a China-America business consultant for more than a decade. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Fanny is fond of Chinese culture and philosophy of life as well as strategies of all kinds of wars and games. She often utilizes Chinese stratagems in business analysis and management. In "Ancient Wisdom for Everyone," Fanny connects the ancient wisdom to the modern everyday life, and shares with the audience how to apply these insights to reach their goals.

Deirdre Lovell

Deirdre Lovell: Forty year veteran of the performing and healing arts, educator, film maker, cultural, environmental and health activist, gardener, world traveler, guardian of secrets and peace, connoisseur of wine, art & jazz and seeker of truth.

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