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Brooklyn Media Maker Weekend, Day 2: What's Your Story?

Brooklyn Media Maker Weekend is a free, three-day event that will celebrate community media and help you up your TV, film, and podcast game.


Fri, Oct 19, 2018, 3PM


  • Meet the incredibly talented panelists who you'll meet at Brooklyn Media Maker Weekend 2018.
    Pictured (clockwise l to r): Adepero Oduye, Jackie Zammuto, Jason Samuels, Yosef Alexander, Squeaky Moore, Robert Gilmore, Caralene Robinson, Geoff Grimwood, Mark Pagán, Kecia Élan Cole, Rashidi Hendrix, Skye MacLeod, and Snypes Murdock. 

  • Pictured: Caralene Robinson

  • Pictured: Snypes Murdock

  • Pictured: Jason Samuels

  • Pictured: Yosef Alexander

Brooklyn Media Maker Weekend was created especially with you in mind. As the Public Access television station for Brooklyn, New York, our whole mission is to level the media playing field so that every human—no matter their economic status, race, creed, or gender—has access to quality film, TV, and podcast education and facilities. Brooklyn Media Maker Weekend was created for YOU!

Now in its third year, Brooklyn Media Maker Weekend will focus on the fine art of narrative storytelling.

Everyone has their own story and we’re here to offer tools and tips on how to tell yours in a way that ensures the world takes notice. We'll feature a variety of interactive workshops and lectures from talented and knowledgeable media artists, industry leaders, and filmmakers from Brooklyn, and beyond. From podcasting, to learning how to perfect your pitch, the 3rd Annual Brooklyn Media Maker Weekend will enhance your ability to dissect and create dynamic stories for your films, TV shows, podcasts, and web series.

Including Community Media Day, the three-day Brooklyn Media Maker Weekend event will celebrate all things community media, accessible media, and free speech. 


  1. Street Photography
    Time / Location One / Location Two: 3 - 5PM / Media Lab / Outdoors
    Instructor: Yosef Alexander
    Learn on-the-fly composition techniques and how to capture engaging photos of people, buildings, and the Brooklyn Cityscape. Please check the weather reports and dress accordingly. We'll meet rain or shine. Please bring your own digital camera fully charged, with plenty of battery power and available memory.
  2. Interviewing for TV & Film
    Time / Location: 5 - 6PM / TV Studio B
    Instructor: Kieran Dick
    This workshop will cover preparing for an interview, researching your subject, choosing engaging questions, avoiding common pitfalls, and the art of using guiding questions to get the best answers during your interview. We will also cover which microphones are appropriate for various settings, location scouting, and one/two-camera interview techniques.
  3. Perfect Your TV & Film Pitch Panel (PITCH WORKSHOP #2)
    Time / Location: 7 - 8:30PM / TV Studio A
    Panelists: Squeaky Moore, Snypes Murdock, Caralene Robinson, Jason Samuels; Moderator: Kecia Élan Cole
    You’ve had an opportunity to create your pitch and now it’s time to perfect it before pitching your show idea. Learn valuable techniques from industry insiders on how to prepare a TV pitch, including: developing a hook, considering your audience, and coming up with a trailer.

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