Brooklyn Media Maker Weekend, Day 3: What's Your Story?

Brooklyn Media Maker Weekend is a free, three-day event that will celebrate community media and help you up your TV, film, and podcast game.


Sat, Oct 20, 2018, 10AM




The Media Center at BRIC House
647 Fulton Street
2nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11217
United States
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  • Meet the incredibly talented panelists who you'll meet at Brooklyn Media Maker Weekend 2018.
    Pictured (clockwise l to r): Adepero Oduye, Jackie Zammuto, Jason Samuels, Yosef Alexander, Squeaky Moore, Robert Gilmore, Caralene Robinson, Geoff Grimwood, Mark Pagán, Kecia Élan Cole, Rashidi Hendrix, Skye MacLeod, and Snypes Murdock. 

  • Pictured: Mark Pagán

  • Pictured: Jackie Zammuto

  • Pictured: Geoff Grimwood

  • Pictured: Rashidi Hendrix

  • Pictured: Robert Gilmore

Brooklyn Media Maker Weekend was created especially with you in mind. As the Public Access television station for Brooklyn, New York, our whole mission is to level the media playing field so that every human—no matter their economic status, race, creed, or gender—has access to quality film, TV, and podcast education and facilities. Brooklyn Media Maker Weekend was created for YOU!

Now in its third year, Brooklyn Media Maker Weekend will focus on the fine art of narrative storytelling.

Everyone has their own story and we’re here to offer tools and tips on how to tell yours in a way that ensures the world takes notice. We'll feature a variety of interactive workshops and lectures from talented and knowledgeable media artists, industry leaders, and filmmakers from Brooklyn, and beyond. From podcasting, to learning how to perfect your pitch, the 3rd Annual Brooklyn Media Maker Weekend will enhance your ability to dissect and create dynamic stories for your films, TV shows, podcasts, and web series.

Including Community Media Day, the three-day Brooklyn Media Maker Weekend event will celebrate all things community media, accessible media, and free speech. 


  1. Orientation
    Time / Location: 10 - 11AM / TV Studio A
    Instructors: Matthew Allen & Mark Pagán
    Want to have your film, TV show, or short air on our New York Emmy-winning community-produced TV channel? It’s possible! Learn more at orientation, the 1st step to becoming a certified community producer at Brooklyn Free Speech!
  2. Brooklyn Voting Alliance Booth
    Time / Location: 11AM  - 2PM / Media Center Lobby
    Learn more about how you can get involved in the 2018 election.
  3. Free Speech & Voting Testimonials
    Time / Location: 11AM - 3:30PM / Mini Studio & Podcast Studio
    In between the day’s workshops, attendees will be able to record either video or audio testimonials about voting experiences and the importance of free speech in society. 
  4. Ethics & Community Journalism
    Time / Location: 11:30AM / TV Studio B
    Instructor: Jackie Zammuto, Program Manager at WITNESS
    WITNESS’ workshop will explore the challenging ethical decisions that journalists and community reporters often face when sharing stories, testimony, and footage of human rights abuses. Participants will engage with specific examples and walk away with practical guidance on how to navigate through difficult ethical choices in their own work.
    Time / Location: 11:30AM - 1PM / TV Studio A
    Instructor: Geoff Grimwood
    Improvisation creates "a set of experiences that allow you to fine-tune and hone all necessary skills needed to think on your feet and simply, react and adapt." You'll play games, learn techniques, and just have a really great time. Everyone will participate. You may have occasion to act a little silly. Don't worry, everyone else will too.
  6. Fundamentals of Screenwriting
    Time / Location: 1:30 - 3:30PM / TV Studio B
    Instructor: Sean Mannion
    Our crash course in screenwriting gives you tips on going from your brain to paper. Included are the basic elements of a screenplay, proper structure and format, and techniques for how to explain your story to others in clear and concise language. We’ll also discuss free and low-cost programs for screenwriting at home!
  7. Speed Pitching (PITCH WORKSHOP #3)
    Time / Location: 2 - 3:30PM / TV Studio A
    Instructor: Rashidi Hendrix
    Inspired by the “Speed Dating” phenomenon, this hands-on workshop pairs media makers so that they can make their pitches one-on-one, without the pressure of being in front of a panel. You’ll have to make your case in three minutes or less! After everyone’s been heard, you’ll receive feedback and instructions on how to tighten your pitches and get them ready for the real thing!
  8. Film Screening & Audience Analysis/Mixer
    Time / Location: 4 - 7PM / TV Studio A
    Moderator: Robert Gilmore
    Film: Crooklyn
    For our final Brooklyn Media Maker Weekend event, we’re hosting a special screening of Crooklyn. Directed and co-written by Academy Award-nominee, and Brooklynite Spike Lee, Crooklyn tells the story of a family growing up in Bedford-Stuyvesant in the summer of 1973, and their interaction with the colorful characters around the neighborhood.

Venue Information:

The BRIC Media Center gives Brooklynites the tools and know-how to professionally create and cablecast their own TV and podcast shows on the Emmy-winning Brooklyn Free Speech, and produces non-commercial TV and podcast programs that reflect the borough's diversity of thought and culture. We provide a voice for Brooklynites just like you to air their hopes, dreams, and aspirations to the world.

The BRIC Media Center provides all Brooklynites with access to TV studio facilities, equipment, and wallet-friendly media training. We are located in the heart of the Downtown Brooklyn Cultural District at BRIC House, 647 Fulton Street. 

Tell the driver you're going to 57 Rockwell Place (Between Fulton Street & DeKalb Avenue). It'll be much easier for them to find our building and you'll be dropped off right in front of the door.

2 3 4 5 to Nevins Street (closest station!)
B Q R (D & N, 11PM - 6AM) to Dekalb Avenue (ACCESSIBLE)
B D N Q R to Atlantic Avenue—Barclays Center (ACCESSIBLE)
A C G to Hoyt-Schermerhorn Street
C to Lafayette Avenue
G to Fulton Street

B25, B26, B38, B41, B45, B52, B63, B67 (ACCESSIBLE)
All of the above buses stop within three blocks of The BRIC Media Center. 

The Long Island Railroad stops at Atlantic Terminal, approximately 2 ½ blocks away from The BRIC Media Center. (ACCESSIBLE)

Looking for the full list of MTA accessible subway stations in Brooklyn? Here it is!  

Travel Alert: Please confirm bus and subway service on the MTA website as there are
frequent weeknight and weekend service interruptions.

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