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LOOPY (A Vine Art Symposium)


May 21, 2014 • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM


BRIC House Stoop
647 Fulton Street
(Enter on Rockwell Place)
Brooklyn, NY 11217
United States
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What makes "Vine" divine?

At Loopy: a Vine Art Symposium we will explore this new medium and the practices of making "art" and telling stories in an immersive evening of channeling Vine artists and their magical works.

Join Vineographers inkyviolet, pouringdownFariba-- and Mermaid Hawley for a splendid evening from their corner pocket of Vine! Other featured Viners to be announced closer to the event.

Suggested reading in preparation for Loopy: The Long Reach of the Very Short Video by Wendy Richmond. 

PROGRAM for the evening.


Vine Symposium from Brooklyn Independent Media on Vimeo.

Nina Hien (a.k.a. "inkyviolet") is a cultural anthropologist with a PhD from Cornell University. She has an expertise in visual/media studies in the US and Vietnam and teaches courses at New York University and CUNY. She also collaborates on projects in the contemporary art world and is knee deep in producing her own art and documentary Vine videos.

Daniel Liss (a.k.a. "pouringdown") is a filmmaker,technologist and creative director from New York City. Most recently, he founded S+7, an interactive and emerging technologies practice, focusing on web, mobile and filmmaking platforms. He's made work for the Guggenheim, Jacob Burns Film Center, New York Botanical Garden, Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, Panasonic, Sugar Hill Children’s Museum, the Nature Conservancy, Google Creative Lab, Aperture Foundation, the Tenement Museum, and others. Giant stories on tiny screens make him very happy.

For many years, Fariba Agheli "a.k.a. Fariba--" enjoyed a career in public sector as an IT and GIS director in Boston where she created data and developed systems and applications for engineers and policy makers. Her passion for spatial data and mapping followed her to South America where she learned Spanish, taught English and GIS at a science institute and mapped out her town in OpenStreet with hundreds of points of interest.Back in the US, she’s exploring the art and the technology of digital printing and rapid prototyping.

Hawley Hussey (a.k.a. Mermaid Hawley) has been Director of Contemporary Art Education at BRIC since 2005.  Hawley has established the vision and direction of a vibrant and highly collaborative arts education community that places the contemporary artist at the center of the dialogue in the public school classroom. She is also a professional artist and her art and writings and performances have been exhibited, published, performed and collected internationally. Hawley was introduced to Vine by four high school students at the Luminato Festival in Toronto in the Summer of 2013. Vine was six months old.


I. Mermaid Hawley's Love Letter to Vine

II. "Six Seductions of Vine" by inkyviolet 

III. Channeling 6666: 6 guest curators, 6 vines, 6 x 6 seconds 

  • "Shock Storm" | Jessica Harmon (j_e_s_s) 
  • "What's the Rest of the Story?" | John Bergin  
  • "Voicing the Gaze" | Mare Maticevski (Preprint)
  • "Altered States" |  Adam Rains (Frinotajino)
  • "Objects of Longing" | M. Jadie Missett (JadeButter)
  • "That's Impossible!" | Tee Ken Ng

IV. "Vine Symphony Number 6.5" with V(ine)J pouringdown

Please stay tuned: an iBook of "Loopy Vine Art" will be forthcoming on iTunes. More information will be posted on Vine and Twitter at #LoopyVineArt & @LoopyVineArt

John Bergin is an award-winning writer/artist of graphic novels (The Crow, Ashes), animator/ filmmaker (From Inside), illustrator, musician and art director for Lakeshore Records. From the moment the Vine app launched in 2013, he has been making utterly depressing and/or absolutely playful vines. His most notable series was “Epic Gregor” that was inspired by Franz Kafka’s Metamorphosis (now available as an iBook on iTunes).

Jessica Harmon (j_e_s_s and phaneron) is a graphic designer and an artist with a degree from the University of Central Missouri. She has been experimenting with film and motion since Vine began and just won this year's Tribeca Film Festival's Best Vine Drama award for "Addiction".

Mare Maticevski (Preprint) is a librarian with a background in community arts, teaching, filmmaking, puppetry and theatre which feeds into her active engagement with animation and artistic expression on Vine. She creates purely "in app" vines and thrives on the challenges of its limitations.

M. Jadie Missett, Ph.D. (JadeButter) is a psychologist and stop-motion filmmaker who is developing a program for Autistic children and adults using stop motion to enhance social processing and expression. She manages the "All Natural Brand Vines" Vine and Twitter accounts to showcase "in-app" branded & non-profit Vines. Her Vine trilogy about the romantic misadventures of a redheaded doll was nominated for the Tribeca Film Festival Vine contest in 2013.

Tee Ken Ng is a Malaysian born Australia-based graphic designer and visual artist. His work on Vine challenges expectations of what is possible within the limitations of the medium. He is a member of #AllNaturalVines movement, which celebrates in-app creations.

Adam Rains (frinothajino, who killed frino, BuFF Hamster) is a Tennessee-based vine creator. Although he has no formal background in art, through Vine he has discovered a space where he can express his passion for merging audio and visuals. He is now collaborating with other Vine artists and musicians to create music videos.


Venue Information:

The Stoop at BRIC House is a public cultural gathering space featuring free, drop-in programming, and offering a place to sit, observe, and participate in multi-disciplinary work.