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In this moment of profound reckoning for our country, I'm stunned by having witnessed so brazenly the ongoing consequences of whiteness being weaponized against Black bodies. I grieve for the Black lives taken from us: George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and many others. I'm also pained by the toll COVID-19 has taken on our country, our city, our borough, and our neighbors. KEEP READING >>

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MMDementia Project (work-in-progress)

MMDementia Project (work-in-progress) is a new multidisciplinary theatrical work in which we explore our relationship to the matriarchy and our ancestors, familial bonds and inherited trauma, and how our own identity can impact our mental health.


THU-FRI, FEB 4-5, 2021 | 7PM


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647 Black Lives Matter Plaza
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United States
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(L-R): Modesto Flako Jimenez and Brisa Areli Muñoz. Photo (L-R): Gustavo Mirabile and Clay Van Winkle

MMDementia Project (work-in-progress) is a multidisciplinary work inspired by Modesto "Flako" Jimenez’s mother Margarita and grandmother Mercedes, and the legacy of Latinx individuals she helped migrate to the country. After immigrating to America as a kid, Flako was raised by his grandmother in Brooklyn. Now as an adult, he serves as her main caregiver as she battles dementia. In the process of taking care of his “mama," he uncovered years of letters, receipts, and papers that documented her impact on the Latinx community.

For years, she helped individuals immigrate to the US and gain their footing in the city. Her impact was far larger than he ever knew, and yet, today very little of that sacrifice is acknowledged. Then in 2019 his Mother Margarita came from the Dominican Republic and worlds collided. MMDementia Project is a new multidisciplinary theatrical work in which we explore our relationship to the matriarchy and our ancestors, familial bonds and inherited trauma, and how our own identity can impact our mental health.

Writer/Performer: Modesto "Flako" Jimenez
Director: Brisa Areli Muñoz

Modesto Flako Jimenez is a Bushwick-raised artist and educator. 2015 HOLA Best Ensemble Award Winner. ATI Best Actor Award Winner 2016. HOLA Outstanding Solo Performer 2017, 2016 Princess Grace Honorarium in Theater, and NY Times profiled. He has taught theater/poetry in NYC Public Schools for ten years. He has toured internationally and appeared on TEDxBushwick, EARLY SHAKER SPIRITUALS (Wooster Group), Richard Maxwell’s SAMARA (Soho Rep.), Kaneza Schaal’s JACK &. (BAM) and Victor Morales' ESPERENTO (Sundance). In 2018 he became the first Dominican-American Lead Artist in The Public Theater’s UTR Festival for ¡OYE! FOR MY DEAR BROOKLYN.

Brisa Areli Muñoz is a chicanx theatre director, educator, and cultural worker based out of Brooklyn, New York. She serves as the Artistic Director of Applied Theatre Collective, where she has facilitated work both nationally and internationally, including work with peacebuilding educators in Iraq, and international mediators in Romania. Brisa has directed and facilitated work for the NYC Department of Education, Actionplay, The Public Theater, New York City Center, The Civilians, Carnegie Hall, BRIC, Sojourn Theatre, CUNY Creative Arts Team, Hi-ARTS, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, New York City Children’s Theater, Vital Theatre, and Atlantic Pacific Theatre. Most recently, Brisa served as Manager of Community Partnerships for the Public Works program at The Public Theater.

BRIClab is a multi-disciplinary residency program created to advance opportunities for visual artists, performers, and media makers.

This newly reimagined program offers emerging and mid-career artists essential resources, mentorships, and opportunities to share their work. The residency aims to build a stronger and more diverse artistic community in Brooklyn by supporting long term growth and fostering relationships across disciplines.

The program's four tracks are Contemporary ArtFilm + TVPerforming Arts, and Video Art. Each track offers unique resources designed to meet the needs of varied artistic practices. Residents receive additional financial support, mentorship, skills-based learning opportunities, and documentation of their work. In-progress public programs (virtual and later live) will take place from September 2020 through June of 2021.

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