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The People, The Press & The President: A #BHeard Town Hall


Apr 28, 2017 • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM



The People, The Press & The President: A #BHeard Town Hall

The government is declaring war on the press and the press is fighting to uphold the journalistic freedom necessary for democracy to function. Genuine news media outlets are discredited at every turn while fake news -- the real fake news -- gains influence. It’s no wonder that public trust in the media is at an unprecedented low.
But it’s not just a battle between Trump and The New York Times. Everyone’s freedom is at stake if the press is silenced and power goes unchecked. Public trust in a free press has actually never been more vital. How do we begin to bridge the divide between the public and the press and together, keep our government accountable?

The cameras stop rolling at 9pm, but an hour-long conversation will continue over drinks in the BRIC House lobby! During the #BHeard Bar from 9:00-10:00PM, explore the Public Access/Open Networks exhibition in the Gallery and record your own #BHeard NOW segment in the TV Studio.



Brian Vines, (Senior Correspondent, BRIC TV)





NOTE: Capacity at BRIC House is limited, and admission is on a first come, first served basis, whether you have RSVP'ed or not. Please come early to ensure entry and seating.

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