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Truth in Jest

A night of comedy at BRIC.


Sat, July 13, 2019 | 6:30PM


Pictured (l to r): Calaine Schafer, Eva Evans, Angela Star, Laura Archer, Angela Star, and Sunnydaze Media.

There’s nothing like a good joke. Not only do we laugh because it’s funny but because there’s a hint of truth to which we can relate.


There’s nothing like a good joke. Not only do we laugh because it’s funny but because there’s a hint of truth to which we can relate. Enjoy excerpts from two hilarious Brooklyn Free Speech programs, as well as stand-up from two of Brooklyn’s finest comics! The night ends with a provocative roundtable that dissects the ins-and-outs of comedy. Hosted by comedian Angela Star, we’ll be screening BE: Bettina & Elaine, co-produced by Calaine Schafer and Top Ranking NYC Comedy Show, produced by Demetrius Hollman. Special guest comedian Eva Evans, star of BET’s Hustle in Brooklyn.

B Scene is the long running thematic screening series that highlights content from makers in the Brooklyn Free Speech TV & Radio producing community.


Angela Star is a standup comedian, host and writer born and raised in the mean streets of Brooklyn, NY. Her passion for comedy began at a young age as she used jokes to overcome life’s everyday struggles and embarrassing moments of growing up less fortunate than everyone around her (aka poor).

Star was invited to perform in the “2012 Ladies of Laughter” competition at Comic Strip Live, NYC where she was declared one of the winners at the end of the show. She continues to entertain and shock audiences across the city performing at notable comedy clubs such as Carolines on Broadway, Gotham Comedy Club, Laugh Lounge, Broadway Comedy Club, and New York Comedy Club. Star is known for her versatility, performing for mature audiences in addition to delivering clean material at various churches, schools, corporate and government organizations.

Star is also the founder of “Stars of Comedy” a youth afterschool program that helps kids develop their comedic talents, build and strengthen performance techniques, and learn about the industry. She currently teaches 3rd, 5th and 8th grade in various schools throughout Brooklyn, NY.

The Angie Star Show showcases a variety of characters all played by Angela Star. Some of the main characters featured are Angie, Marie, Edwin, Rihanna, Whoopi, Wendy Williams and more. Fan favorites such as Edwin and Marie have their own unique comedic style and can be booked to host events and perform stand up as well.

In addition to her love for comedy, Star also enjoys reading comics, sneakers, UFC and sleeping on the train. She is a natural born performer with a strong drive and passion for comedy. Filled with incredible stage presence, Angela Star’s comedic style is random yet relatable with a hint of surprise.

Eva Evans is a Comedian and Host specializing in Stand-Up Comedy, and a wealth of other talents within her genre. After graduating from St. John’s University with a degree in TV & Film, she thought a career behind the scenes at a major Television network would be her start up the corporate ladder of success. But within a few years, she realized Corporate America was not for her; that realization, in addition to ending an engagement, she decided she needed to pursue what truly made her happy, and turn her pain into laughter.

Since graduating from the Manhattan School of Comedy at Gotham Comedy Club (NYC) in 2016, Evans has performed in various festivals and shows, including the Harlem Comedy Festival (NYC) in 2018; she was the only Black woman to reach the finals and essentially became the Winner of the 2017 Manhattan Comedy Festival (NYC). She’s been featured onSway in the Morning at Caroline’s and The Wendy Williams Show. At the request of Senator Jessie Williams, Evans performed at the 2018 Women’s Empowerment Awards. She also has been a featured act for fellow comics, including Def Comedy Jam’s Leonard Ouzts, TruTVHost Damien Lemon, Toronto-based Comedian Trixx and Mason Pryor, son of the late Richard Pryor.

Evans currently resides in Brooklyn, NY (originally from Jamaica and Englewood, NJ, respectively), where she’s been a resident for nearly a decade and hosts a monthly comedy showcase, “Mascara and Spliffs” at the Brooklyn House of Comedy. She is the only woman of a group of comedians with security access to perform for inmates at Rikers Island. She continues to perform at notable clubs throughout the US. She keeps her followers and new fans abreast of her moves and moments on Instagram at @evaevanscomedy.





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