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The Widening Gap: Economic Inequality in NYC, a #BHeard Town Hall

Join us for a live-televised #BHeard Town Hall discussion on how we can tackle the 'defining issue of our time': economic inequality.


WED, FEB 27, 2019 | 6:30-8:30PM 



Is America still the land of opportunity? If you work hard can you really get ahead? NYC’s rising cost of living, income stagnation, and student debt (among other factors) have converged to create a tale of two cities. A tale that has given birth to different sets of challenges for NYC’s low income, working class and middle income populations. This #BHeard Town Hall we ask the question: What does economic inequality in NYC look like for you?


Moderator: Brian Vines, Managing Editor BRIC TV 


Natalia Abrams, Executive Director at Student Debt Crisis

Dr. Guillermina Jasso, Professor of Sociology, Silver Professor of Arts and Science NYU

Dr. L. Toni Lewis, Founder and President, Liberation Health Strategies & Former Chair of SEIU Healthcare

Helaine Olen, Author/ Journalist at the Washington Post

Dr. Jonas Shaende, Chief Economist at Fiscal Policy Institute

J. Phillip Thompson, ​​​​​​NYC Deputy Mayor for Strategic Policy Initiatives

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Student Debt Crisis

Impacct Brooklyn