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YO S.O.S.: 99 Problems

Presented in association with Theatre of the Oppressed NYC.


WED, APR 18 | 6-9PM 



The YO S.O.S. Media Arts Campaign Showcase takes place at BRIC House on Wednesday, April 18, featuring Urban Art Beat and Theatre of the Oppressed NYC. 

Youth Organizing to Save Our Streets (YO S.O.S.) gathers high school youth who want to reduce gun violence and promote community healing and youth power. Together, YO S.O.S. creates campaigns, presentations, and events to spread the message of anti-violence to our peers and the broader community. This spring, Youth Organizers collaborated with teaching artists from Theatre of the Oppressed NYC and Urban Art Beat to create a Media Arts Campaign. Join us as we debut an interactive theatre show, titled 99 Problems, and a hiphip song and video produced by the Youth Organizers. 

Can we, stick together 
And put the guns down 
Pick up the love 
And spread it around 
Stand by eachother 
And Hold one another down
— Urban Art Beat

Come watch, engage, and spect-act in YO S.O.S.' forum play 99 ProblemsRSVP here.

Youth leaders from YO S.O.S. spoke to BRIC TV back in 2015 about what it’s like to grow up in Brooklyn. Watch now!


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