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Media Share 2016 Grantee: Center for Community Alternatives

Make Media. Move Your Mission. 

Media Share is a New York Emmy-nominated, in-kind grant program for Brooklyn-based or Brooklyn-affiliated nonprofit organizations to learn how to create and use media. Our goal is to help nonprofits become "hands-on" with the creation of videos that can promote and inform the public about their work.

The content will air on Brooklyn Free Speech, a New York Emmy-nominated community television network which is cablecast to over 550,000 households in Brooklyn and countless more worldwide. Through this program, Brooklyn Free Speech hopes to form ongoing media partnerships with the participating organizations.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Media Share Program

What is BRIC?

BRIC is the leading presenter of free cultural programming in Brooklyn. We present and incubate new work that reflects the diversity that surrounds us.

BRIC presents programs in contemporary art, performing arts, and video that reflect the creativity and diversity of Brooklyn. BRIC also advances and nurtures emerging voices and works-in-progress by local artists and media makers. BRIC supports open access to arts and media by making programs available without charge or at very low cost, through education and public programs, and by enabling and amplifying individual and community voices. BRIC is home to two distinct media initiatives: Brooklyn Free Speech, Brooklyn's Public Access initiative and BRIC TV, a nonprofit community TV channel and digital network.

What does B-R-I-C stand for?

Great question! BRIC used to stand for Brooklyn Information & Culture. Then we changed our name to BRIC Arts | Media Bklyn. And now our name is just BRIC. So, what does B-R-I-C stand for? Well, it can mean anything you want it to. We anticipated that we would get this very question when we changed our name to BRIC in 2013 so we had a campaign called #WhatDoesBRICMeanToYou. 

It could stand for:

  • Brooklyn: Real Inspiring Creative
  • Breaking Rules Inciting Creativity
  • Bagels Rugelach Icing Cupcakes
  • Batman Robin Ice-cream Catwoman

We encourage you to have fun with it. So Media Share FAQs reader, what does B-R-I-C mean to you? We know how creative you are, so email us at, and let us know what you come up with.

How is Media Share different from other grants?

It’s an in-kind grant (not monetary) that promotes media skill development within nonprofit organizations. The projects that come from the program are collaborative; meaning that they are led from professional filmmakers and/or media instructors but the grantee organization staff is expected to be hands on with the process.

Our approach is to be as custom fitted to the selected organizations as we can, within the frame of our curriculum. We want organizations to be able to use BRIC as a media creation and distribution resource and to be able to sustain their learnings well beyond the grant period.

If my organization is not based in Brooklyn can I apply?

Only 501(c)(3) Brooklyn-affiliated nonprofit organizations are eligible for the Media Share grant. Organizations that have an office in Brooklyn, or regularly offer services within Brooklyn, are considered to be Brooklyn-affiliated.

What types of organizations can apply?

Any not for profit organization that is Brooklyn-affiliated with proof of not-for-profit status via a 501(c)(3) form can apply. If your organization is fiscally sponsored, it may also qualify with proof of fiscal sponsorship in good standing.

If I have received a Media Share grant from BRIC in the past, can I be considered for this year?

Yes, you may qualify for specialized Media Share “training boosts” for staff of your organization. Please let us know in your application the previous grant your organization received from BRIC.

How long is the grant period?

The entire grant period is a 10-12 month engagement. Timelines and programs are customized to the grantee. However basic timeline is as follows (there may be some overlap):

April 2017—May 2017
Grantees selected and notified-- Once selected, organizations will work with BRIC to create staff skill-building opportunities as well talk about the ideas for video content. Media Share orientation will take place.

May 2017—August 2017
Training/Pre production phase--we expect for grantee staff to receive one-on-one guidance in production from an assigned producing mentor and become certified in at least one of our training tracks. Some organizations may be required to take marketing and storytelling courses during this phase. August may also be taken as an “optional hiatus” from the program.

September 2017—November 2017
Production phase—BRIC producing mentor will collaborate with organizations to determine how to proceed further with additional staff development if needed and move to creation of video pieces-- and the time commitment needed to complete those goals; training homework will be assigned to participants.

November 2017—January 2018
Post Production phase—if completing a video piece, final cut of at least one piece or polished “work-in progress” to be shown at screening event at the end of January.

January 2018—March 2018
Sustainability and Distribution—additional training on marketing, distribution and use of BRIC’s facilities are offered during this phase. New application period opens.

What are some of the different training tracks available through the Media Share Program?

Mobile Phone Filmmaking: Learn how to get the best from your handheld device, from photos to video. We'll break down important control features and show you how to tweak the camera and options to get what you want. Participants will learn how to do simple desktop edits for footage captured with their phone as well as recommended mobile phone editing apps. We’ll go over best practices for sharing mobile projects with your organization’s audience.

Field Production (non DSLR): This course will give you the skills to produce videos anywhere in many different environments. You’ll gain hands-on experience using a professional-grade digital video camera, sound equipment, tripods, and portable lighting equipment.

Studio Production: This course teaches you the basics of shooting a production inside a television studio. Learn to use professional-grade studio cameras, audio equipment, studio lighting, and video switchers as well as floor managing and directing. NOTE: this track requires at least two consistent organizational participants.

Mini-Studio Production: Learn the fundamentals of our Mini-Studio in this hands-on class. This session will cover the video switcher, chroma-key, microphone setup, and sound board, as well as using the character generator and producing a show on your own. This is a great option for organizations that want a studio “feel” to their projects, but will not have access to a “crew”.

Video Editing with Premiere: Students will learn how to navigate Premiere’s interface, import footage, and work with B-roll, audio, still images, basic effects, and transitions. By the end of the course, students will edit a short video segment.

Podcasting: Gain hands-on experience using professional audio recorders and editing software to create a podcast for your organization. Learn about different styles of podcasting, best practices for developing and pitching a show, and how to distribute the podcast once it's complete.

If accepted, can I defer the grant to another year/time?

We ask that organizations only apply if they can fully commit to participate through at least six months of the program. Please note in the application if you have special time constraints (including a specific timing need for a video project). While we may not be able to accommodate organizations who cannot fully commit to the program, we may be able to direct you to other BRIC programs that can help you attain your goals.

What is the approximate value of the grant?

This is an in-kind grant (no cash will be given) valued at approximately $6,000-$10,000 which includes fees to producing mentors, instructors, curriculum customizations, community media facility use, equipment use and more.

Do selected organizations get equipment with the grant?

BRIC will not purchase equipment for the organizations chosen. However, we will provide free production equipment and television studio access. See here for more information on Brooklyn Free Speech resources:

Additionally, BRIC will provide external hard drives, production crews and additional resources, including customized training and free media education classes to your staff, to ensure successful completion of video projects created during the grant time period.

Are selected organizations required to take staff development classes?

Part of the grant’s selection criteria focuses on an organization’s willingness to build staff capacity in media making. To ensure that selected organizations get the most out of their time with the Media Share grant, participation in staff development workshops at the start of the grant period and hands-on collaboration with assign producing mentor is required.

Workshop dates will occur earlier in the program and at least one staff representative (consistent for the duration of the grant period) from selected organizations should attend and actively collaborate with assigned mentor on any production projects. Additional staff development opportunities will be offered through the grant period, but will not be required.

Throughout the duration of the grant “homework” will be assigned to participants (i.e.: a clip of video footage, sample storyboard, etc.) to show learning while video projects are being produced. Please expect to be THINKING ABOUT or ACTIVELY WORKING ON media for 4-6 hours a week.

If we are selected for the grant, may I use my own video producer to create our video pieces?

All Media Share producing mentors are contracted directly by BRIC. We pride ourselves in selecting professional, high-quality media makers to work with our community. Producers interested in working with BRIC as a Media Share mentor may send their resumes to Please let your video producer know that he or she may apply. We will not guarantee that your recommended producer may be hired and/or assigned to work with your organization. Please do not apply for the Media Share grant if you are not comfortable working with another professional media maker hired by BRIC.

May I use the Media Share producing mentor assigned to my organization to create video projects that are not associated with the Media Share grant?

Yes. Please keep in mind however, that during the grant period, the Media Share producing mentor is under contract by BRIC to carry-out certain responsibilities and provide pre-determined deliverables on a schedule and in a manner mutually agreed upon by BRIC and the Media Share producing mentor.

If the project you’ve hired the producing mentor for occurs during the same time as your participation in the grant period, BRIC will still require that the Media Share producing mentor meet the deadlines and responsibilities outlined in our contract prior to your organization’s desire to hire him or her. In addition, please note that our producer mentors are freelance and BRIC would not be involved in any negotiations between you and a producer involving non-BRIC projects.

Do we get to keep the footage that’s recorded during the time of the grant?

Yes. All video recorded as part of the video projects will be given to the non-profit organization to exploit as they wish. Likewise, video recorded may also be used by BRIC to use for Media Share promotional purposes and on BRIC’s digital platforms.

I would like to get the word out about an event my organization is having in the near future, are there other ways BRIC can help my organization?

Of course! Please email with more information and we’ll see how we can help you.

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