Brooklyn Media Maker Weekend

Come out for the 2nd annual Brooklyn Media Maker Weekend. A free, three-day event that will celebrate community media and help you up your media game.


Thu., Oct 19: Seeing Sound
Fri., Oct 20: Education & Opportunity
Sat., Oct 21: Do It Yourself(ie)




The Media Center at BRIC House
647 Fulton Street
2nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11217
United States
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The 2nd Annual Brooklyn Media Maker Weekend was created especially with you in mind. As the Public Access television station for Brooklyn, New York, our whole mission is to level the media playing field so that every human—no matter their economic status, race, creed, or gender—has access to quality film, TV, and podcast education and facilities. Brooklyn Media Maker Weekend was created for YOU!

Including Community Media Day, the three-day Brooklyn Media Maker Weekend event will celebrate all things community media, accessible media, and free speech. This year, each day will have its own theme:

  • Thursday, October 19: Seeing Sound
  • Friday, October 20 (Community Media Day): Education & Opportunity 
  • Saturday, October 21: Do It Yourself(ie)



The last day of the weekend concentrates on you: as in enhancing your ability to build your self-reliance in the realm of media making, both technologically and professionally.

Matthew Allen and Jessica Mason
Studio A / Media Center Lobby
10 – 11:30AM

Orientation is a great introduction to what Public Access is all about – our free and low cost, high-quality media course, and the wide variety of services available to you at The Media Center. All attendees can enjoy breakfast during the presentation.

Yosef Alexander
Media Lab
11:30AM – 1:00PM

For filmmakers, producers and videographers, learn how to make a video reel to showcase your talents for potential employers. You’ll learn the technical and aesthetic tips on how to make your reel as affective as it can be.

Citizen Journalism
Moderator: Tadia Toussaint, TV producer and Host, BRIC TV
Panelists: Zac Martin, Executive Director of Trellis; Mark Winston Griffith, Executive Director of Brooklyn Deep; James Lane, Brooklyn Free Speech Community Producer, Hot Indie Media
TV Studio B
11:30AM – 1PM

A panel discussion with community organizations and local activists on how they use media to amplify  social and political issues in an effort to inform a larger audience, thus inspiring others to take similar action in regards to their own unique stories and surroundings.

Tadia Toussaint is a NYC freelance journalist who specializes in video storytelling.  She has a masters degree in Journalism from CUNY School of Journalism with concentrations on business, arts and culture reporting. She has had short documentaries published in Gothamist, Univision, Chokarella and BRIC TV. She has also written for Haitian Times and local Bronx paper Mott Haven Herald. She co-hosted BRIC TV's Emmy-nominated show BKLIVE and hosted its music show B-SIDE.  She worked abroad in Haiti reporting on a variety of stories about animal control, hospitals, music and trash. She is currently working on a video story series, she created, featuring compelling business stories in Brooklyn.

Zac Martin is the founder and executive director of Trellis, a community development non-profit that builds partnerships among churches, social agencies, schools, government and other non-profits that pursue justice advocacy and action together.  One of Trellis’ chief projects is Community Heroes, a community-based public art project celebrating everyday heroes in often overlooked neighborhoods in Brooklyn.  Zac is also the pastor of community outreach at Trinity Grace Park Slope, a husband, father of two, a bicyclist, a reader and a lover of all things Brooklyn. 

James Lane is a citizen journalist, independent musician, internet media professional and has been a Green Party political activist for nearly two decades. His passion for helping to promote his party's four pillars of Democracy, Ecology, Nonviolence and Social and Economic Justice through his weekly program on Brooklyn Free Speech called "Hot Indie Media Presents" led him to become the proud winner of a B Free First Amendment Award in 2016. In addition to his work behind the camera, James has taken the people's struggles from the streets and in to the ballot boxes by running for New York City Public Advocate in 2013 and 2017, and for Congress in 2015 against the Republican candidate Dan Donovan who was the District Attorney that failed to indict anyone in the killing of Eric Garner. As a longtime supporter of community media, James dedicates much of his time encouraging his fellow artist activists to become producers to create more diversity in this overlooked form of alternate media.

The Art of Multi-Discipline Grant Writing
Moderator: Ayoka Wiles-Abel, Grants Manager of Brooklyn Arts Council
TV Studio A
1 – 2:30PM

Looking to take your media project to the next step? This presentation on grant writing will educate you on the ins and outs of applying for and proposing grants from institutions, government agencies and foundations.

Ayoka Wiles-Abel has over two decades of background experience in the arts, dance, culture, and education.  Ayoka has had a long standing dance career starting at the age of four and she has traveled, studied, and danced with numerous companies and artists throughout the United States and in Africa. By age 16, she was teaching adults’ professional dance. She danced with Maimouna Keita School of African Dance for 19 years and served as Assistant Artistic Director and Choreographer for 4 years.   She was also a pre-professional African dance teacher/coach for an award winning youth ensemble that utilized the arts as a catalyst for social change.  

Make a Movie on Your Phone
Moderator: Yosef Alexander
Media Lab
1 – 4PM

Learn to use your mobile device to make compelling short-form videos. We’ll start you off with scriptwriting and storyboarding, discuss frame composition, and then cover how to get the best audio and lighting when recording your footage. You’ll also explore the editing software program iMovie/Movie Maker that can assemble it all into your final short form masterpiece.


A celebration of how audio plays a dynamic role in community media. Our workshops and seminars dive into the methods making of sound-only programs as compelling and satisfying as watching a television show.

Podcasting Workshop
Moderator: Keisha Dutes
TV Studio B
4:30 – 6PM

This seminar/workshop will help future and current podcasters with improving their skills in musical inception and crafting an affective intro to their programs.

Keynote Speech (separate registration required here)
Please Note: Due to circumstances beyond his control, previous keynote speaker Reggie Ossé (Combat Jack) will be unable to perform keynote speech.  However, we are grateful that Ralph McDaniels will be performing the keynote in his place.
Ralph McDaniels
TV Studio A
6:30 – 8PM

Growing up in Brooklyn and Queens, Ralph McDaniels always aspired to be a DJ. He attended New York Institute of Technology where he studied Communications–TV–Film and graduated with a B.A. It was at this time that he started noticing an alarming array of talented Hip-Hop artists continuously being rejected and suppressed by mainstream media, and he wanted to give those overlooked artists a platform where they could be acknowledged by the consumers who craved them. McDaniels decided to take matters into his own hands and approached a local TV station with an idea to host a music-video show called Video Music Box (VMB).

It was not long before VMB’s 6-day, 60-minute public television viewership began to grow far beyond what any of the cable networks had expected. By 1995, Billboard magazine recognized the show and awarded VMB as the Best Local R&B/Hip-Hop Regional Show. Additionally, the show was also notably voted as the Top-10 Greatest Hip Hop TV Moments by VH1 in 2003. By 2005, over 192,000 households per week were regularly viewing VMB. McDaniels had shined a light on an under tapped urban audience and literally answered its outcries against mainstream media’s disregard of its favorite artists with VMB. Video Music Box currently airs on NYC-TV in New York City on Saturdays at 12 midnight. McDaniels just finished up co-producer duties on the film Roxanne,Roxanne with executive Mimi Valdez, Pharrel Williams and Forest Whitaker. He also serves as a consultant for Queens Library.

In conjunction with the celebration of Community Media Day, attending workshops and seminars dedicated to acquiring the knowledge of media making through education and applying it to action when met with outside opportunities.

Open Edit Session – Organizing Your Project: The Phases of Editing
Annie Malamet, BME Instructor
Media Lab
3 – 4:30PM

The most important thing an editor needs, besides rhythm and storytelling skills, is organization skills. In this session, we’ll talk through how to best organize a project, manage media, and develop an editing structure that will help you get from the beginning to the end of your project.

Made-In-NY Post Production Training Program Orientation
Ryan Penny, Program Director, Made in NY Post Production Training Program 
TV Studio B
5 – 6:30PM

The “Made in NY” Post Production Training Program is a free skills training program that serves low-income New Yorkers with barriers to employment and leads to jobs in the booming New York City post production industry. We partner with the New York City Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment to deliver the program. Strong computer skills and six months of Production Industry experience preferred.

Ryan Penny is the Director of the Made in NY Post Production Training Program, a skills training and job placement program for low income and unemployed New Yorkers, working to diversify NYC's post production industry and provide stable work opportunities for those with barriers to employment. He is also the Vice President of the Blue Collar Post Collective - East Chapter and has worked to create a climate of mentoring and education for emerging talent in the post production industry. Ryan lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Lydia and their dog, Georgia. 

Perfect Your Pitch
TV Studio A
7 – 9PM

Do you have an interesting idea for a television show but are having difficulty coming up with a way to sell it? In this workshop, you’ll learn valuable techniques from BRIC TV producers for preparing for a television pitch. These include developing a hook, considering the audience, coming up with a trailer, as well as common mistakes and pitfalls that you might run into when brainstorming your pitch. RSVP HERE

Venue Information:

The BRIC Media Center gives Brooklynites the tools and know-how to professionally create and cablecast their own television and podcast shows on the Emmy-winning Brooklyn Free Speech, and produces non-commercial TV and podcast programs that reflect the borough's diversity of thought and culture. We provide a voice for Brooklynites just like you to air their hopes, dreams, and aspirations to the world.

The BRIC Media Center provides all Brooklynites with access to television studio facilities, equipment, and free or low-cost media training. We are located in the heart of the Downtown Brooklyn Cultural District at BRIC House, 647 Fulton Street. 

Tell the driver you're going to 57 Rockwell Place (Between Fulton Street & DeKalb Avenue). It'll be much easier for them to find our building and you'll be dropped off right in front of the door.

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C to Lafayette Avenue
G to Fulton Street

B25, B26, B38, B41, B45, B52, B63, B67 (ACCESSIBLE)
All of the above buses stop within three blocks of The BRIC Media Center. 

The Long Island Railroad stops at Atlantic Terminal, approximately 2 ½ blocks away from The BRIC Media Center. (ACCESSIBLE)

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