TELL is a podcast serving queer stories on queer terms. Host Drae Campbell is bringing you real stories told by the queer folks who lived them, on everything from traveling abroad to stolen bikes to family secrets.

So if you need a dose of queer community, or just wanna hear great stories told by the people who lived them, you’ve come to the right place. Strap on your head phones and pull up your socks, ‘cause TELL is queering the narrative and telling our stories, on our terms.


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 Drae Campbell is a queer gender-nonconforming actor, performer, comedian, storyteller, and all-around entertainer who has appeared on stages all over NYC and in film & tv, and digital media. She’s been spotted on tv shows New Amsterdam and Bull and in two seasons of the web series Dinette directed by Shaina Feinberg. Drae can be found online on Refinery29, IFC.Com, and BRIC TV. Some fave stage credits: The Nosebleed, Japan Society, Only You Can Prevent Wildfires, Ricochet Collective, Non-Consensual Relationships With Ghosts, La Mama, My Old Man, Dixon Place, Oph3lia at HERE. Drae’s been hosting and curating her queer storytelling show, TELL at BGSQD for 7 plus years. 




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