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Do I have to be a Brooklyn resident in order to take a Brooklyn Free Speech media education course?

You need to be a Brooklyn resident in order to take any course that makes you eligible for free use of Brooklyn Free Speech production equipment (Courses that make you eligible to use Brooklyn Free Speech production equipment are called certification courses). All other courses are open for anyone over 18 years of age (All other courses are defined as non-certification and free courses). 


Do I have to be a Brooklyn resident to have a show on Brooklyn Free Speech?

Any adult Brooklyn resident can apply for channel time on Brooklyn Free Speech television. Channel time is free of charge. You have complete control over the content. You will need to provide proof of Brooklyn residence. If you do not have a bill or lease in your name, someone you live with or another Brooklyn resident can vouch for you.

This person will need to bring proof of Brooklyn residence in person to The Media Center or they can sign the Proof of Residency Form (below) and you can bring a NOTARIZED copy to The Media Center. NOTE: If the voucher is an entity (i.e.: non profit organization, shelter, institution, etc), no notarization is needed but the proof of residency letter should be issued and signed on the entity’s letterhead.

We look forward to seeing your show!

When are new series applications accepted?

*New series applications are only accepted in January, April, July, and October. Click on the December 2017 Programming Calendar link below for a visual guide. A new series submitted for cablecast in January, April, or July 2018 will be eligible to be submitted for the 2019 B Free Awards. A new series application submitted for cablecast in October 2017 will be eligible for the 2018 B Free Awards.

**Specials (Single-Air Programs) are accepted at anytime during the calendar year. A special submitted for cablecast in 2018 will be eligible to be submitted for the 2019 B Free Awards.

  • Summer Programming Season: July 1-31 
  • Fall Programming Season: October 1-31
  • Winter Programming Season: January 1-31  
  • Spring Programming Season: April 1-30

How To Export Your Show

  • Crispin Export Settings
    Looking for information on how to upload your show? This step-by-step guide will help you with uploading your show to Crispin.


Read The Media Center's Policies and Procedures Handbook

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