Written by Christopher Poindexter (72 Hours: A Brooklyn Love Story?) and directed by Keith Miller (Five Star, Welcome to Pine Hill), who also serve as co-creators, the second season of Brooklynification is both a wildly funny and eye-opening take on rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods in the county of Kings. Among the cast of characters are Love Parker (Lizan Mitchell: Detroit, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), a senior citizen displaced by the sale of her longtime home and forced to interview for a room with a group of socially conscious youngsters; Dalton (Lamar Cheston) and Dawn (Felecia Harrelson), a couple forced to confront the awkwardness of cultural differences with their son’s teacher, Miss Amy (Tallie Medel: Snowy Bing Bongs, Stinking Heaven); and Colby Dunne (Tom O’Keefe), a new homeowner who has to reckon with an unexpected guest. For fans of Portlandia, High Maintenance and Broad City, this hilarious and diverse cast of characters take on the good, the bad and the awkward as transforming neighborhoods face the unexpected encounters of Brooklyn’s rapidly changing streets. The show is co-executive produced by Joyce Mishaan (Chopped, Climate Reality Project). The series is executive produced by BRIC's Aziz Isham and Kuye Youngblood.

Season 1



Praise for Season One:

“Sharper than [most]…well acted and well written…understated satire.”
- The New York Times

"Brooklynification does a great job of capturing those uncomfortable conversations [about gentrification.]"

"Brooklynification... shine[s] a comedic light on the growing pains of neighborhoods in transition."
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Season 2




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Original Series

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